Destiny 2: Tess Everis’ October Wares


Below are all the items Tess is selling for the month of October:


October 3

  • Emotes: Sick and Taunt Dance
  • Sparrow: Vanishing Point
  • Ships: Sojourner and Starling Bolt
  • Ornaments: Telsa’s Revenge and All the Essientials
  • Attire: Optimacy (Chest)
  • Ghosts: HoneyComb and Half-Submerged Shell
  • Shaders: Frumious Blue, Monochromatic, and Bumblebee
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion
  • *Sub-Zero Engram


October 10

  • Emotes: Dancehall and **Bureaucratic Walk
  • Sparrow: Fast Track
  • Ships: Tidal Dawn and Ego & Squid
  • Ornaments: Break The Dawn and Black Plague
  • Attire: Optimacy (Class item)
  • Ghosts: Competitive Shell and Interchange Shell
  • Shaders: Suros Modular Shine, Xenosilver, and Nebula Rose
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


October 17

  • Emotes: Confused and Six Shooter
  • Sparrow: Chronoglass
  • Ships: Breakpoint and Eriana’s Vengeance 
  • Ornaments: Jade Countenance and The Future is Chrome
  • Attire: Optimacy (Helmet)
  • Ghosts: Lambda Shell and Number 2 Shell
  • Shaders: Vanguard Magnus Gloss, Hakke History Polish, and Dawn & Dusk
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


October 24

  • Emotes: Gallop and Floss Dance
  • Sparrow: Hastilude
  • Ships: Space-Age Lancelot and Verona Mesh
  • Ornaments: Down to Business and Particle Accelerator
  • Attire: Optimacy (Legs)
  • Ghosts: Greylight Shell and Hemisphere Shell
  • Shaders: Veist Poison Shimmer, Tarnished Copper, and Metro Shift
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


October 31

  • Emotes: Huddle Up and Dancey Dance
  • Sparrow: Wavemaker
  • Ships: Ordinate/VD & Rose and Bone
  • Ornaments:Mind of its own and Summer Storm
  • Attire: Optimacy (Arms)
  • Ghosts: Tower Shell and Titan Shell
  • Shaders: Midnight Talons, Watermelon, and Golden Trace
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion

*Contained the ornament for Coldheart; if unable to purchase, it’s available in bright engrams

**Was removed from store on 10/15/17


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