Destiny 2: Tess Everis’ November Wares


Below are all the items Tess is selling for the month of November:


November 7

  • Emotes: Good Idea and Flip Out
  • Sparrow: Soul Velocity
  • Ships: Helios Strain and Spectral Gain
  • Ornaments: Comstock Lode and Beware The Red Legion
  • Attire: Optimacy (Chest)
  • Ghosts: Blue Moon Shell and Aggressive Shell
  • Shaders: Noble Constant Red, Arctic Pearl, and Cerulean Divide
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion

November 14

  • Emotes: Don the Hat and Shoulder Dance
  • Sparrow: Noble Steed
  • Ships: Dead Fall and Takanome Wings
  • Ornaments: Book of The Dead and Under Construction
  • Attire: Optimacy (Class item)
  • Ghosts: Bold Shell and Twilight Shell
  • Shaders: Omolon Meteor Glass, Monochromatic, and Indigo Matrix
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


Be sure to check back every Tuesday to see what Tess will selling for the week!

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