Destiny 2: Second Faction Rally


Faction Rallies have arrived yet again in Destiny 2. All Faction Leaders are located in the Traveler hub planet. Executor Hideo is found in the Bazaar while Arach Jalaal and Lakshimi-2 are found in the Hangar. They arrived in game on November 7 at 1 AM Pacific time.

The game guides you to each leader to have you talk to each before you can pledge. Once you have chosen your side, your mission is to complete activities to support your faction. Activities include:

  • Public/Heroic events
  • Lost Sector’s Chests
  • Strikes
  • Raid
  • Crucible


Below are select weapons that are available for players:

Dead Orbit


Future War Cult


New Monarchy



Just like the first Faction Rally, those who pledge to the winning Faction can buy the reward weapon (second picture under the Faction) for 1,000 Glimmer while everyone else pays 50,000.

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