Destiny 2: Royal Pools Challenge Guide


Glub, glub. No need to drown in despair. This guide is to assist players to properly tackle the Royal Pools challenge.



  • Split into 3 teams: 1 Soloer, 1 Swimmer, 4 Revolvers



  • Soloer will take the Beast (Dog) Plate
  • Swimmer will stay in the center pool at all times
  • 3 Revolvers will take the last 3 plates ( Cup, Axe, Dudes with Axes)
  • Final Revolver will start in the middle off to the side



To start the encounter the swimmer will stand in the water while everyone else will hop on their plates. The swimmer will quickly grab the center orb and stay in center pool. His psionic protection will lower quicker than the rest of the team. The swimmer must NOT leave the center water by any means (no jumping or being blown upwards by psions) and should pick up an orb whenever their protection gets low. Final revolver will head towards the Cup plate (top right). When he is in sight of the person he is relieving, they should leave towards the center to pick up an orb. (its okay to leave early) Then, they should head towards the axe plate (top left) and the person standing on axe plate should leave when they can see the person coming to relieve them. That person will head towards the center, pick up an orb and head towards dudes with axes plate (bottom right). The soloer will relieve themselves whenever they run low on protection (should kill ~2 bathers). Once the chains lock, everyone head towards the center and start damaging the canisters. Have someone outside the water to clear enemies while everyone else is focus on the canisters. Once a majority of players protection has gone out quickly head back to their starting position to quickly start the second attempt. If someone dies during the encounter, have someone whose in transit to revive them and continue the rotation. Players may have to relieve themselves if this happens.



  • Soloer should be a reliable player. Bonus points if they are a Warlock since they have heals.
  • Swimmer and Final Revolver should work together after the first damage phase in case either one of them dies.
  • Have a captain leading the revolvers in case a mistake happens (player dies or messes up rotation)


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