Destiny 2: Prestige Nightfall Guide (The Pyramidion)


Weeks Active: 9/26/17 & 10/18/17

Nightfall: Pyramidion with the modifiers Torrent and Zero Hour.

Torrent allows all guardians abilities to have an insanely quick cooldown timer and Zero Hour gives you a predetermined time which can not be extended.

Prestige timer: 17 minutes

The boss will spawn in, attack him with grenades and headshots to make him retreat quickly. He will then raise a protective wall. Head to the left and activate an altar whilst tossing grenades when the ability is up. Move quickly and erratically towards the next point on the right of the wall. After activating this altar, his protective wall will fall and you may damage him again. Watch out for his flame attack as it will deal damage over time. Dealing enough damage to him makes him teleport to the left side of the map and set up shop again. This time the altar will be in front of you and several adds will spawn in. Take care of them using void weapons and head to the right to trigger the last altar.

By now the boss should be pretty low and will call for backup. Use your ultimates to clear the adds to better help you survive the onslaught. Use arc and void weapons to quickly melt the shielded enemies and continue damaging the boss.

Video Example:

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