Destiny 2: Obtainable Faction Items


Faction Rally is almost over! It’s implied this event will occur again so don’t fret if you haven’t collected everything. Inside an engram are shaders, class specific faction armors, and faction weapons. Those who want to collect everything, here are everything one can obtain for each faction:

* = Class faction armor may be different than stated

** = Class armor may be different than stated


Dead Orbit

Class Attire Type
Hunter Anti-Extinction Heavy
Titan Anti-Extinction Heavy
Warlock Anti-Extinction Heavy


Faction Shaders: Dead Orbit Camo, Dead Orbit’s Fate

Faction Gear: *Stella Incognita Bond (class item) , *Anti-Extinction boots, *Anti-Extinction Robes *Anti-Extinction gloves, *Anti-Extinction hood

Faction Weapons: Three Graves, Dire Promise, Eleventh Hour, Gravity Slingshot

Additional Rewards: Complex Solution, Minimum Distance, Last Hope, Hawthorne’s Field Forged Shotgun, Shock and Awe, **Philomath Boots, **High-Minded Complex, **Be Thy Cipher, **Heiro Camo, Legendary Shards


Future War Cult

Class Attire Type
Hunter Simulator Survivalist
Titan Simulator Heavy
Warlock Simulator Restorative


Faction Shaders: War Cult Camo, War Cult Rain,

Faction Gear: *Entanglement Cloak, *Simulator Boots, *Simulator Vest, *Simulator Grips, *Simulator Mask

Faction Weapons: True Prophecy, The Number, Pleiades Corrector, Eye of Foresight

Additional Rewards: Complex Solution, Last Hope, Dead Man Walking, Lincoln Green, Cartesian Coordinate, **Icarus Drifter Cape, **Be Thy Guide, **Road Complex Aa1, **Dead End Cure 2.1, Legendary Shards


New Monarchy

Class Attire Type
Hunter Sovereign Mobile
Titan Sovereign Restorative
Warlock Sovereign Mobile


Faction Shaders: New Monarchy Diamonds, New Monarchy Regalia,

Faction Gear: *Sovereign Hood, *Sovereign Gloves, *Sovereign Robes, *Sovereign Legs, *Coronation Bond

Faction Weapons: Unification VII, Royal Dispensation II, Song of Justice VI (was called Sentencer IV before patch 1.05), Restoration VIII

Additional Rewards: **Minimum Distance, **Tone Patrol, **Bad News, **Berenger’s Memory, **Orthrus, **Tesseract Trace IV, **Philomath Gloves, **Massyrian’s Draw, **Heiro Camo, Legendary Shards


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