Destiny 2: Inverted Spire Guide


*This guide is specifically for the Inverted Spire during the week of October 10-17 as enemies are different from the strike version and the previous Inverted Spire back in September. The basic method to successfully complete this nightfall remains the same so, regardless of the changes, this guide will be a good blueprint for all.*

Enemies: Vex (Goblins, Minotaurs, Harpies and Cyclops)

As soon as the screen loads, hop on your sparrow and head to the point on the map. Defeat the enemies here to gain access to a terminal players must hack. After the hack, several platforms will appear and continue on the path and take the ring to get the next area. Take the tunnel ahead of you bypassing the enemies and take another ring to be sent to the next area. (Players may elect to eliminate the enemies on normal but for prestige is best to bypass them.) Run along the only path to get to the next part of this nightfall.


Vex Wall

Enemies: Vex (Goblins, Fanatics, and Hydras)

Once you reach the end of the path, either kill the four goblins from afar or up close. Then proceed to wipe out the rest of the mobs below. Send one player ahead to trigger the spawn of several more adversaries. (Can not bypass this part so avoid dying and play smart.) Clearing out this area allows players to continue moving forward.


Run until you reach the edge and jump to the platform below. Avoid being shot and keep descending until you reach a round area. Call your sparrow and ride it until you reach a mob of Vex near a building. In this part players must defeat 2 Cabal drill officers to be able to proceed. The first one is located inside the right building with an arc shield with some lesser Cabal near him. The second one is in a fight with some Vex near the warp pad to the left of the first officer. This Cabal officer has an arc shield and the Minotaurs near him have void shields. There will be a Cabal Centurion with a solar shield left of the officer, either use cover to avoid his line of sight or take him down. After both officers are defeated, activate the switch near the warp-pad and take it to proceed to the next part.


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