Destiny 2: Cayde-6 Week 9 Treasure Maps Location


This week Cayde’s treasure hunt is sending you to Io. All 5 locations are shown on your map and below are the text instructions to find them.


Trostland – ”OK, all I can give you to go on in this one is…it’s high up. So…look up, I guess? Don’t look at me like that, I’m doing my best.”

  • Warp to Trostland, call your sparrow and head towards the right path as if you’re heading towards the strike. Enter the house and jump towards the higher levels to find this chest tucked in a corner


Outskirts – ”You do much driving? Me neither. But I used to spend nights hiding out near this truck just teetering on a ledge, just waiting for the day some dumb Dreg would send it over the ledge. That day never came.”

  • Warp to Trostland, head down the path to your left until you reach a red truck left of the screen.  Take the descending path straight and take the bridge path until you see the chest on your right side.


The Sludge –  ”I tell you what. You get to work cleaning out the angry spider-pirates and space-rhinos, and I give you the deed to this little cabin I won from Ren. With a little work, could become a nice little getaway.”

  • Warp to The Sludge and follow the left path that goes under the building until you see a fallen tree. The chest will be located on the left hill near the downed tree.


The Sludge 2 – ”Stashed plenty of loot up at the old mill in the EDZ. To scare the Dregs off, I’d throw on some old Festival of the Lost masks and make ’em think the place was haunted.”

  • Warp to The Sludge, enter the wetlands, and take the path until the end. Take the broken road on the right down until you see a broken bridge. Head up the left grassy path to a building where the chest will be located.


The Dark Forest – ”Good news: I remember exactly where one of my old EDZ caches is. Bad news: those parts are Taken territory now. So I guess the question is: how bad d’you want it?”

  • Warp to The Sludge, enter the wetlands, and head right. Follow this path until you find the chest on your left.

If the text instructions aren’t enough or you need a visual guide check out this video:

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