Destiny 2: Cayde-6 Week 4 Treasure Maps Location


This week Cayde’s treasure hunt is sending you to Io. All 5 locations are shown on your map and below are the text instructions to find them.


Giant Scar (Excavation Site 2) – “You ever talk to Banshee much? He’s got this saying: Sometime the deeper you go, the less you’ll ever understand. The Cabal are kind of like that. Why they feel the need to drag my stuff into their damn Io base… beyond me.”

  • Warp to Giant’s Scar, head straight into the tunnel leading to the excavation site. Stick to the right path as it will lead you inside. From here progress normally until you reach the small room with the fallen. (Remember where you hit the lever in the main story; 11 doorways later after you enter inside). The chest will be in the hidden in the left corner.


Giant Scar – “The lead I got from asher was some Psion was seen making off with this one somewhere in the Echo Mesa. He mumbled something about it being on top of some Cabal checkpoint, before it – well – fell into a pit of Taken. And we all know how that turns out.”

  • Warp to Giant’s Scar and head down the path to your right. You will come across two inclined metal structures, jump on the one to the right and you will find this chest.


Lost Oasis (Terrabase Charon) – “So word is one of the Cabal’s drill engineers found another one of my caches. I don’t know if I did such a good job sealing it or if those dumb rhino fingers are too fat to pry it open. Anyway, it’s been spotted in some hole near that drill site. I guess Ghaul called them back before they could get to into it.”

  • Warp to Lost Oasis and make your way to the Terrabase Charon area. Once there, head left and go inside the base. Keep going further inside until you reach the Wraith Mines. Climb the stalagmite and jump towards the closest platform above you. Ascend the metal path and climb onto metal platform above you near the end of this path. You can see the chest tucked in the corner.


Lost Oasis – “Gotta love the views on Io. I remember watching Jupiter float over the horizon, all big and stormy. I left a cache up there, and… fell asleep. Next thing I know, my Ghost’s reviving me at the base of the cliff. Guess I roll around in my sleep.”

  • Warp to Lost Oasis and head down the dirt path through the canyon. You should see a tree on your left, head towards the cliff side and this chest is located below.


The Rupture – “Do me a favor and just look into that Pyramidion thing, would you? If the Vex are studying the best of humanity, you know they’ve got stuff on me in there.”

  • Warp to the Rupture, and take the path under the large vex bridge. Make your way to the vex that will be on the right. Continue going straight on the left side of the large monument and you will reach the dead end containing the chest.


If the text instructions aren’t enough or you need a visual guide check out this video:

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