Destiny 2: Cayde-6 Week 3 Treasure Maps Location


This week Cayde’s treasure hunt is sending you to Titan. All 5 locations are shown on your map and below are the text instructions to find them.


East of Siren’s Watch – “Getting pings on another one somewhere high up in one of those towers. From what I hear, the Fallen are using those towers as some kind of junkyard. Could be like a needle in a haystack. Good luck.”

  • Warp to The Rig, head towards the walkway that connects to Siren’s Watch. When you see “01” on the tower outside, the chest is located on your left.


South of the Rig – “I take it you like to jump, right? I see the way you jump all around the Tower. Guardians these days – no respect for gravity.”

  • From the above treasure chest, cross the bridge, head left through the passageway, and the chest will be straight ahead.


West of Solarium – “This one is in some kind of wall. What was it with the Golden Age that they build walls around everything?”

  • Warp to The Rig and then make your way to the Solarium. Continue until the purple square wall is on your right. The chest will be in front of you tuck in the left corner.

Solarium – “You know what I used to love about my rest stops on Titan? Walking into the Arcology and thinking about it in its heyday. But then you get to thinking of how much we actually lost, and now the Hive just spawning everywhere… and the will to fight boils right back up.”

  • From the above chest, go through the purple checkered wall and make a right. This final chest is located on the hill tucked in the right corner.


If the text instructions aren’t enough or you need a visual guide check out this video:

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