Destiny 2: Cayde-6 Week 2 Treasure Maps Location



This week Cayde’s treasure hunt is sending you to Nessus. All 5 locations are shown on your map and below are the text instructions to find them. 


Hallow – “I don’t know what they call it. The eyeball thing. Under that. You’ll know it when you see it.”

  • Warp to the Artifact’s Edge Landing Zone and travel on the open path. At the end of this path, the big “eyeball thing” will be ahead of you. The chest is inside the round area underneath it.


Exodus Black (1) – “Thought I’d escaped, but you know how the Vex are. I got as far as this energy shield. Thinking it was a way out. Dead end. So I dropped what I had there and tried to shoot through. BAM! Right back into the loop.”

  • Warp to the Exodus Black Landing Zone, bring out your Sparrow and travel up the right path. At the end of this path, you’ll see climbable square boxes. Climbing them leads you to a path which the chest is at the end of on your left.


Exodus Black (2) – “I should have realized something was up when the Vex were letting me move through portals so freely. And I usually have a nose for traps. Maybe you’ll have better luck.”

  • Warp to the Exodus Black Landing Zone. Head to the Treasure Map marker on your map and on its left is an underground cave entrance. Enter it and progress through the cave. Head top right and the chest is located at the end of the path.


The Cistern – “Of course, I didn’t go charging into Nessus without a Plan. I made sure I had cache’s everywhere. Started with the first Dead Vex Construct I found.”

  • Warp to the Cistern Landing Zone. Head towards the chest marker and you’ll come to a wide area. The white sphere contains this chest.


The Tangle – “I was just doing what Failsafe said. I mean, she seems reliable, half the time. So I entered this cave and set my little fallback point, took a few steps in and BAM, the battle began.”

  • Head to Watcher’s Grave, head north and follow the path into The Tangle. Continue until you see the path become two, and take the lower one. On the right is a small tunnel which you must enter. Inside there is another tunnel on your right and the chest lies at the end of that path.


If the text instructions aren’t enough or you need a visual guide check out this video:

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