Destiny 2: Cayde-6 Week 11 Treasure Maps Location


This week Cayde’s treasure hunt is sending you to Titan. All 5 locations are shown on your map and below are the text instructions to find them.


Siren’s Watch- “I always used Titan as a rest stop before…”

  • Warp to Siren’s Watch and head to the Walker Public event area. Enter the dark tunnel, hop over the gap and the chest is located under the railing you’re walking on.


Siren’s Watch 2 “Getting pings on another one somewhere high up in one of those towers. From what I hear, the Fallen are using those towers as some kind of junkyard. Could be like a needle in a haystack. Good luck.”

  • Warp to Siren’s Watch and head towards the next area that’s connected by a bridge. Head inside it and the chest is tucked in the corner.


The Rig – “Reef Awoken are weird like that. She assured me it was a gold mine, so I went exploring. Check near some kind of generator machine thing, there should be one I haven’t hit in years.”

  • Warp to The Rig and go towards the large blue building. Stay on the path and you’ll find the chest hidden on a ledge.


Tidal Anchor- “Titan who gave me the lead said he stood there watching their spawning crud just repel off my cache…too scared to touch it. You aren’t scared of a little Hive fungus are you?”

  • From the chest above, head towards then enter the large blue building. Take the left path and follow it until the end. You’re heading towards titan story mission. The chest will be located on a ledge tucked on the right side.


Solarium- “We Exo must’ve had it made back in the Golden Age. Just my presence alone seems to bypass any active security measures in the Arcologies.”

  • Warp to the Rig and head towards the Solarium. Once inside take the right path until you past the grassy area, the chest is hidden on the left after the turnstile.


If the text instructions aren’t enough or you need a visual guide check out this video:

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