CS:GO Season 1 ELEAGUE Finals Recap

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 ELEAGUE is one of the most influential tournaments in CSGO history. This tournament, the first of its kind aired on TV on TBS and is a big step for esports and CSGO alike. The grand finals were played out between Virtus.Pro and Fnatic. These two teams have always been some of the most popular and talented lineups and have shaped the pro scene.


Going into the grand finals most analysts expected Fnatic, one of the game’s biggest esports organizations to win the finals. After the veto process of maps the three maps chosen were Cobblestone, Mirage and Train. These map choices were very balanced for both teams. The finals kicked off with Fnatic starting on the T-side of their map pick: Cobblestone. Both teams came out firing with an impressive pistol round that Fnatic won in a 2v4 situation clutch thanks to the tactical prowess and dependable aim of Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson and Jesper “JW” Wecksell.


Viewers already knew they were in for a treat as Fnatic took a 9-2 lead quickly against Virtus.Pro. It looked like the Polish legends chances were dwindling already. Virtus.Pro ended up evening out the score to 9-6 on the first half.VP took the pistol round on the second half with the help of pistol specialist Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas. The second half activated the Virtus plow as VP put the pedal to the metal, winning 6 rounds in a row. Virtus.Pro ended up decimating the economy of Fnatic and the Swedes got caught in a noose on Cobblestone’s CT-side, only picking up one round.


Virtus.Pro ended up taking Cobblestone with a score line of 16-10 and dealt a crippling blow to Fnatic’s morale going into the second map. The only player on Fnatic with a rating better than 1.00 was Robin “flusha” Ronnquist. While on the side of VP only Pawel “byali” Bienlinksi had a rating under 1.00. Virtus.Pro put in a tremendous team effort to take Fnatic’s map pick of Cobble away from them, putting Fnatic in an awkward position for Mirage.


Fnatic started CT side on Mirage and once again won the opening pistol round by setting up easy crossfires and surgically eliminating VP. Fnatic started the match off taking a 3-0 lead. Virtus.Pro battled back against Fnatic and ended the first half up 10-5. Fnatic switched to T side and set themselves up for a strong second half by winning another pistol round, their 3 out of 4 in the Finals. Fnatic looked to be heading towards a comeback victory by bringing the score line to 8-10 but Virtus.Pro stopped them in their tracks. Dominating the last 6 rounds to win the first season of ELEAGUE. As if being a major champion was not enough Virtus.Pro sealed their place in Counter-strike history by winning ELEAGUE. The first televised tournament of CSGO against the once unstoppable force of the Swedish lineup Fnatic.


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