Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Valve announces CSGO 2.0 in China

Counter Strike Global Offensive has been available to play in China since a long time. However Valve did not directly support the game and it’s players from the region. Considering China is one of the biggest esports markets in the world ( in a multitude of games), this decision is definitely something that Valve should have implemented long ago. Perfect

The Uppsetters

2016 was a huge year for so many teams, those who deserved success indeed achieved it and those who set out to surprise us, well, did. There were numerous trophies last year and for once they aren’t all in a cupboard somewhere in Olofmeisters house. With trophies being distributed left, right and centre last year it opens up 2017’s first

A Year of Up’s, Down’s and Gloves.

Been away and not had a chance to play CS:GO, the newly crowned eSports game of the year? You might have missed a few things. It seems this year, Valve (also an eSports industry winner) has taken their gloves off, heh, gloves… I’ll explain later. So, whose year has it been? Whose year has it been not…Or something… There have

Transfers, Trades and Who Got The Best Bargains?

Would the professional Esports scene of CS:GO benefit from a transfer window? As a team based Esport it may be great to add structure to the season. In the last year alone there have been so many shuffles, shifts and changes it’s almost impossible to keep up. As it stands I count a chunky 361 changes to teams spread across

Lets Roll-oll

What’s happening to our niche little pastime of which we were ashamed to admit our love to our friends, our parents banned us from doing and telling a hot girl about would get you the exact opposite of laid? I ask this question at the business end of 2016 with teams gearing up to a massive televised major in January

Real Life Hacks; Reviewing the Competitive Edge

A couple of weeks ago I wondered to myself whether it’s possible to improve at CS:GO by changing your approach to the game? I don’t mean settings, training, configs or hardware but whether changing elements of yourself or your environment could have an effect on victory or defeat. Can guzzling energy drinks increase your concentration, would being fit and healthy

Real Life Hacks; Getting the Competitive Edge

Interested in upping your game and improving? Of course you are. It’s an inane part of our genetic build up as sentient beings. We all want to improve at what we really like doing. This got me thinking, if I really want to improve my ability at CSGO am I doing all I can? Climbing up the ranks of CS:GO’s

Battle of the sexes; Why is it separate?

Why do competitive eSports separate the sexes? It’s a hot topic that has caused ructions and stirred up eSports communities for many years.   Looking at eSports as a whole, I don’t see a real difference between girls’ and boys’ abilities to play any genre of eSports. They are all competitive environments in which both sexes are evenly platformed and neither gender has any distinct attributes that give an

Goodbye Coaches, Welcome back IGLs: A NEW PLAYERS UNION?!

Goodbye Coaches Yesterday, Wednesday 17, ESL sent an e-mail from Valve to select professional CS:GO teams, communicating that from now on, future Valve sponsored events will enforce the following rule: During a match, the coach may only communicate with the players during warmup, half time, or during one of four 30 second timeouts that the coach or player can call.

A new Legend for the CS:GO scene.

Yesterday, Monday 15, we witnessed one of the biggest roster shuffles ever in CS:GO. Three of fnatic’s players: JW, flusha and KRiMZ have left Fnatic, to be part of the recently formed GODSENT, another Swedish eSports organization formed by former fnatic in-game leader Markus “pronax” Wallsten. Some fans say they saw it coming, referring to the apparent distance between the