Changes to Nuke: A brief analysis

The version update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been released. The most prominent of all the changes in this update was the re-work of Nuke. The full list of changes to Nuke can be seen below:

  • Removed outer catwalk completely
  • Removed helper catwalk onto silo
  • New type of skylight windows in A site
  • Added some cover in corner at back of B site
  • Removed railings when entering B site from ramp
  • Removed window in hut
  • Moved entrance to hut slightly further in
  • Moved up spawns for both teams
  • Flipped static doors at T entrance to ramp
  • Blocked off “old secret” area outside of garage
  • Added solid white walls near CT spawn
  • Rotated container outside of garage, and removed some smaller crates
  • Removed access to crane inside of A site, made more of rafters accessible
  • Reverted box-path onto hut inside A site to the old configuration
  • Removed ladder up to rafters from inside A site
  • Added collision for physics objects (except grenades) near water in B site

The change which has the biggest impact is the removal of the outer catwalk leading from Silo to Heaven. This will force Terrorists to go through Hut, Squeaky or Outside in order to reach the A site quickly. It takes away a key route for the Ts and if Counter-Terrorists can take control of Outside quickly, they effectively control half the map. Not a great difference from the previous meta, but there are other changes that reinforce the meta change. Namely, the removal of the Hut window. Previously, Ts were able to glance information from Mini, but with the window removed, they must enter the A site proper to receive more information.
The removal of the helper catwalk onto Silo hinders T-side AWPing spots, but it is still possible to get atop the Silo, albeit slower. The skylight windows above A site have changed, but Heaven can still be obscured with smokes using old spots. The last important change listed for the A site is the removal of the crane ladder leading to Crane from the top of Hut. It will be yet another advantage for the CT side, as Ts will have to flank through Ramp Room in order to get to Heaven. Ts cannot get get to Rafters otherwise, contrary to the previous Nuke A site. This will make it harder for the Ts to hold the A site unless they control Ramp Room.

The container next to Garage has been shifted slightly, giving CT AWPers a wider angle to control Outside. On the B site, there have been less crucial changes, and the only important change is the addition of boxes below Vents. Coming from Ramp Room or Vents, a player may decide to use an incendiary grenade to clear out the area. Another approach to clear out this new spot is to wallbang the door from Decontamination Room, as they face each other. Nonetheless, if either side gets ahold of that spot, it will make their lives easier shutting out B site.

It is very likely that Nuke will shift strongly to a CT-sided map. However, pro players will find it easier to make inroads on the T side with their superior mechanical skills. Esteemed tournament organizer ESL has already announced on their Twitter account

that the new Nuke will be available for teams to pick during ESL Pro League Season 7 and IEM Katowice 2018. The map looks to stay as a perma-ban for most pro teams, and only teams such as Natus Vincere, mousesports, Gambit Esports and are willing to play it. Time will tell whether Nuke can become popular again.

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