Balance Changes: Warrior

Warrior has been a staple class of consistency, with multiple variants that always seem to be top, or at the least, high tier decks. This level of consistency is what is being attacked with this set of Warrior nerfs and changes. One of the big reasons Warrior is such a strong class is because its ridiculous amount of removal that fits into any list. Control Warrior is obviously the list with the most removal, however, because of Warrior’s removal strength, even aggressive lists such as tempo and dragon Warrior can run a small amount of removal and still effectively deal with threats. The changes to one of Warrior’s staple removal cards will definitely shift how many of the tempo oriented lists play, and we will see how the change affects the high-end of the meta.




“Execute” has been the single removal spell most players think of when they think of Control Warrior, or really any Warrior list at all. Combined with cards like “Whirlwind” and “Ravaging Ghoul” or cards of a similar effect, Execute’s removal power is near unmatched, combining its massive strength and low-cost, Execute really is the complete package for Control decks. The problem is, because this card is so strong, it is an auto include in every Warrior list, and even decks that are aggressive can run two copies of execute, and often times it is so strong, it is the only removal that the list needs. This overwhelming play the card sees really shows its immense strength as a cheap removal staple


Execute is now 2 mana.


This change will not really alter the control variant of Warrior too heavily. It still does its job of being a relatively cheap, efficient removal spell. What I think this nerf will change, is the auto include in aggressive Warrior lists. Decks like tempo warrior and aggressive dragon decks may be looking for one of two options: switching to different removal or adding more, taking away from the necessary aggressive cards, or getting rid of removal and just relying on your aggression to win you the game. This takes these fast decks that are in limbo between midrange and aggro and forces them to pick a side, give in to the control element, or ignore it completely.


Will “Execute” still see play?

Yes. Mostly in control lists, maybe still some in more midrange lists




Not exactly a removal spell, charge has been a key card for combo decks, and one of the big reasons Warrior is one of the best, if not the best combo class currently in the game. Charge is undergoing a large change, not just a mana or stat change, but changing the way the card fundamentally works. In all honesty, I really dislike the change to the card. I believe combo decks are healthy, difficult, and rewarding, three things that in today’s meta seem rare. And though people complain about Patron Warrior or Miracle Rogue, right now, there aren’t great combo decks. Sure Raging Worgen OTK (One Turn Kill) exists, but do people see it: no. Even when I do come across an Arcane Giant combo list, I think to myself, wow, losing to this is so much better than losing to Shaman over and over. The change to Charge removed decks that aren’t doing well, and banished them permanently to the realm of terrible decks, wherever Mill Rogue and Pirate Hunter are. A personal balance philosophy of mine is, If it ain’t broke, don’t change it. Call me a Classicist, but metas often self correct, and only if a card, or deck (looking at you Shaman) gets really out of hand, should it be changed. With that being said, let’s take a look at the change itself, and what it means for the future of Hearthstone


Charge is now 1 mana. Its text reads: Give a friendly minion charge. It can’t attack heroes this turn.


This basically turns any minion of yours into “Icehowl.” Which would be great if Icehowl wasn’t terrible. This card can take any minion, and for one mana, and a whole card slot in your deck, make it Icehowl. If you aren’t rushing to put 2 copies of this into all of your Warrior decks, good. This card removes the idea of Worgen or Arcane Giant OTK, and any future combo related decks, while the new effect does not much to shake up the way Warrior decks will look. I’m sure early on it might see some play in more control oriented lists, but I don’t think it’s good enough to justify a card slot in a 30 card list, where every entry counts. The changes to Charge don’t add anything to the game, they only take away, and because of that, I believe this is one of the worst changes Blizzard has made. The card won’t make new decks or archetypes, it won’t shape the meta. It will just remove two really fun decks, that didn’t see much play, and weren’t all that strong to begin with.


Will “Charge” see play?

Maybe for a bit, but I believe it will quickly fall out of the meta.


The changes to Warrior force it to return to its pure control roots. “Execute” changes mean tempo decks are hit hard, and “Charge” completely removes Warrior’s combo decks. Warrior is once again forced to play only a control list, and will, just like before, end up somewhere middle of the pack.


Brayden Sunseri

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