Are the Houston Outlaws for Real?


The Houston Outlaws are on fire. They are 16-0 against teams the last 2 weeks.  With this surge, they are in 4th place going into the 4th week of Stage 1. But are they good, or are they just beating on Tomato cans? Let’s look at their schedule prior and see what is ahead.

The Outlaws are fun to watch. With their cheerful personalities and their cool colors, they are easily one of the favorites of the Overwatch League. But, with the league still literally a toddler only on its 4th week, we will have to use the schedule and some stats.

The easiest stat of them all is the Win/Loss Column. So far, the Outlaws are 4-2 match wise and 19-6 game wise. This is great. The only other teams to be this good are the London Spitfire, Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior at 5-1. Teams that are tied with them are the Los Angeles Valiant and The Philadelphia Fusion. However, the Fusion should be ahead of the Outlaws since they beat them head to head in Week one, 3-2. So let’s look at the records of the teams they played:

Team Match Record(W-L games)
Philadelphia Fusion 0-1(2-3)
New York Excelsior 0-2(1-3)
Shanghai Dragons 1-2(4-0)
Dallas Fuel 2-2(4-0)
Florida Mayhem 3-2(4-0)
Los Angeles Gladiators 4-2(4-0)


So, let’s break down these numbers. The 2 teams that they lost to (the Fusion and the Excelsior) have a match record of 9-3 and a game record of 46-20( A win rate of 69.7) while the four teams they beat (Shanghai, Dallas, Florida and Los Angeles) have a match record of 4-20 and a game record of 40-70( a win rate of 36.3%). That is what we call in the sports industry beating a tomato can.

Now with the schedule going forward, they have both the Spitfire AND Seoul to play against. While these teams are tough as they are, another team is looking like they are starting to get their act together (My cliché for the article) is the Boston Uprising. Now unlike the Outlaws, the Uprising has a rough schedule at the beginning of the stage. They lost to the San Francisco Shock, but they were the first team to draw blood against a full Korean team in a 3-2 slugfest. Boston may not be the greatest, but they did cause an upset. They have both Los Angeles teams, and the Fusion, which people can see take a game off them. Boston and Houston play each other  as the final game. If its a winner take all to get into stage one’s title match, then it will be an interesting thing to see if they can play with a lot riding on the line.


Right Jake fans are going to be pissed
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Jake and the Junkrat story

Who doesn’t like Junkrat? Don’t answer that. However, we all know that Jake “Jake” Lyon LOVES Junkrat. We, know this without stats, he is a Junkrat fiend. Think about this for a second though, who will he play when Junkrat gets nerfed?

Is he decent with any other hero?

According to Winston Lab’s, he can. His K/D/U is 178/93/64 with Junkrat. When he isn’t playing Junkrat he is 124/86/52. There are two factors to consider. One is how will his numbers change and his game style change when he plays the same teams again as the schedule will be cycling through. And the second factor is what hero will his fall back be? That is one of the major things to consider going forward and especially after the Mercy/Junkrat nerf. Now, this won’t affect the rest of stage one, but it is a good thing to keep in the back of people’s mind.

In the end, the games do have to be played before we actually see what happens, and the Outlaws’ are no different. They can win all their games or lose all their games. But as of right now, they are playing some fairly easy opponents. We will see in the coming weeks if they are good enough to play for the title, or just a team that bullies the lesser teams.





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