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Yesterday, Monday 15, we witnessed one of the biggest roster shuffles ever in CS:GO. Three of fnatic’s players: JW, flusha and KRiMZ have left Fnatic, to be part of the recently formed GODSENT, another Swedish eSports organization formed by former fnatic in-game leader Markus “pronax” Wallsten.

Some fans say they saw it coming, referring to the apparent distance between the Olofmeister/Dennis duo and the rest of fnatic in some of the photos recently taken, but the truth is nobody saw that shuffle coming. They were really professionals and kept it secret until it was the time to make an official announcement, unlike we have seen it on other cases, where people spots players streaming without their team logo, or tweeting some angry comments about the organization.


As soon as the announcement was made, we started to see pro’s reactions to fnatic and GODSENT trade. First, Olof and dennis welcomed the new members of the fnatic family: John “wenton” Eriksson, Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson and Simon “twist” Eliasson, all Swedish players who will have to prove in the next events that they are truly capable of defending fnatic’s reputation and honor as one of the best CS:GO organizations in the world.

While JW, flusha and KRiMZ tweeted about the excitement of transitioning into a new team, pronax got our whole attention when he tweeted: “.@godsentgg just got mouselifted to the next major 🙂 Welcome @jwCSGO @krimzCSGO @fnaticFlusha”, because with GODSENT taking 3 of fnatic’s players, they should get their legend spot now, while fnatic would have to qualify for the qualifier through the minor first though since they don’t have 3/5 from 9-16th at last major. Yes, you heard it; we could enjoy watching Olof in a Minor!

The rest of the CS:GO pro community seemed to be as surprised as we were in their tweets, mostly joking on the recent roster shuffles that have been going on, while also raising expectations on today’s match VP vs GODSENT on ESL Pro League, to decide which team joins the ESL Pro League Season 4.

Regarding to the reasons of this roster shuffle, I think nothing can describe it better than it is stated on the official announcement:

Being together in a team for a long period means that small issues can easily turn into bigger issues. These issues can then weed their way into fundamental team dynamics, affecting the chemistry needed for success. For those that may remember a similar thing has happened before in another era of Fnatic Counterstrike. Back in 2010, the epic era of cArn dsn f0rest and getright came to an end over similar concerns, and led to the eventual reformation of NiP.”

We can see that it is the same situation all over again, in this case, the once praised performance between Olof and KRiMZ became affected by the last results, which were not satisfying to all of the players, creating some internal pressures that tested friendships.

I hope this will provide us more variety in the teams we will see on the professional stage, which might help to recover the viewership that we have witnessed declining in a few of the last major events.

Leave your opinion below and stay tuned for the analysis on the VirtusPro vs GODSENT match!

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