Faker Voted Esports Player of the Year at The Game Awards

The headlines made waves throughout the online esports community: Samsung Galaxy Wins the 2017 League of Legends World Championships. And the subhead is always about SKT’s defeat. Their first ever Worlds defeat. Losing 3-0. This was hard for SKT, especially Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, arguably the best League of Legends player in the world.

But after winning three previous championship titles, Faker was voted Esports Player Of the Year by fans at The Game Awards last night.

Proving that the fans are still loyal to the League of Legends god, Faker will hopefully not feel discouraged going into the LCK. It’s obvious that esports viewers still believe in Faker, and still believe that he’s the best esports player of all time, even beating out other fan favorites like Ryu “ryujehong” Je-hong from Overwatch and well-known players from CSGO and Dota 2.

So we look back at some of Faker’s most interesting quotes to celebrate the Demon King’s reign over League of Legends and beyond.

1 “Its preferable to finish your studies as a student first before diving full-on into that career.”

Although Faker dropped out of high school himself to join SKT and play League of Legends full time, he still advised other gamers to think of the risks they’re taking. He called becoming a pro esports player a “leap of faith,” which obviously worked out for him: Earlier this year, Faker had raked in over $1 million in prize money, and signed a contract rumored to be worth over $2.5 million.

Of course, we can’t all be a god at League of Legends.

2 “I believe that all the cheers and all the love I’ve received from the fans is what made me into the player I am today. I don’t feel a lot of pressure, I just use it as positive reinforcement to become a better player.”

When you’re the number one ranked League player in the world, you’d think there’d be a lot of pressure to perform. You have a lot of fans to not let down. And a lot of people who want to prove that you’re – well – not the best. But these aren’t things that really seem to concern Faker. He’s been quoted multiple times saying he isn’t nervous at all when he’s playing a match.

3 “I pay penalty charges a lot.”

Despite telling multiple news outlets that he doesn’t feel any nerves during tournaments, Faker is still known to get quite worked up. KT T1 reportedly makes players pay a penalty charge for cursing. And Faker has admitted to paying that penalty charge. A lot. In fact, he has stated that he has paid the most penalty charges of all the other players, but out of respect he hasn’t named other competitors who have also been charged for cursing or being late to games.

4 “I am really hungry. I hope to end the finals as quickly as possible so I can have a good meal.”

While being interviewed about playoffs at Worlds earlier this year, Faker stated that SKT had many “subpar performances,” which resulted in the series being dragged into a fifth game. Before the finals, Faker said he hoped to “correct these mistakes” and take it in three games. Not because he wanted to win. But because he wanted to eat.

This showed just how confident and calm Faker felt going into the finals, despite SKT’s earlier performance. And while the outcome wasn’t as expected, it has most likely only fueled Faker and his team to train even harder and become even stronger. And hungrier.

5 “I personally think that kkOma is the most handsome in the team.”

We’re not sure why a reporter asked Faker to rank the attractiveness of his SKT teammates, but Faker felt as though the title of “most handsome” went to kkOma because he was “getting older” but “becoming more handsome” simultaneously. So we can’t all be the god of League of Legends. But we can still possibly be more handsome than Faker. If we age well. #Goals

World’s most handsome LoL coach???

6 “I couldn’t imagine a Korean team getting eliminated.”

Biased? Maybe. But South Korea has shown that they’re the best esports players in the world time and time again. When asked which team would be the hardest to play against in the finals at Worlds, Faker said, “That would be a Korean team, of course.” Although he was quick to say that the Chinese teams were also putting on a good performance.

But it turns out Faker was right.

7 “I’m not thinking. I’m just acting. It’s almost an animalistic instinct: I just do what I need to do.”

It’s hard to understand how Faker can make these split second plays, or how he has such god-like dexterity and reaction times. And it seems that even Faker himself doesn’t have an explanation. He stated that “nothing” is in his mind while playing. Almost like playing League of Legends is second nature to him. Like it’s something he was just meant to be doing all along.

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