5 LPL roster changes that could work



Roster moves are an essential part of League or any other team eSport. Any team that strives to be the best will make roster changes that in their mind will make for a brighter future. In the Chinese LPL roster changes are made very often. Sometimes they pan out and other times they make an already struggling team worse (hello 2016 LGD). So without further ado, here is a list of 5 LPL roster changes that have the potential to do wonders.

  1. Uzi and Mata to Invictus Gaming




Stay with me. Please stay with me on this one. Are you still here? Good! This roster move sounds ridiculous but on paper it’s actually fairly decent. Looking at IG’s current roster, their biggest flaw is their bottom lane by a large margin. The only consistent playmaker and strong laner being RooKie, IG would benefit tremendously by having a strong bottom lane that team fights well and can also crush lane. Zzitai is a bit of a wildcard but if he just learns how to be a rock in the top lane, he shouldn’t be a problem. The thought of Kid becoming a jungler after playing so many years as an ADC was aggravating, but surprisingly enough, Kid is an okay jungler. He may be inconsistent like Zzitai but whenever he is in his comfort zone, he does fine to average at worst. Assuming Zzitai can become a self-sufficient top laner and Kid can keep improving as a jungler, Uzi and Mata joining IG would work out well for the veteran organization.

  1. MaRin to Edward Gaming




I’m sure LGD fans and MaRin fans can admit it, his time on LGD wasn’t that great. With Deft and PawN leaving EDG, there will be 1 more import slot left for them. Assuming they can get a decent native ADC, a great top laner is exactly what EDG needs. Koro1 had a poor 2016 and if he wants to leave EDG or transition to more of a public figure for them, that will open the window for MaRin to join the powerhouse team. With Deft gone and Meiko having to play with a new ADC, the team will need as much star power as it can get and MaRin is the right fit for them.

  1. Wuxx to Edward Gaming




Continuing on from #4, if MaRin were to join EDG they would need a Chinese ADC. The best one available (although debatably) is Wuxx, who is on the bench for RNG. Meiko and Mata have similarities in their playstyles. As seen at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational, Wuxx managed to synergize decently well with Mata (well enough to win the 2016 LPL Spring Split). We can assume he would be able to work well with Meiko especially considering both of them speak the same language.

  1. HappyY and MorZB (or just HappyY) to Vici Gaming




Okay, I admit that this one might not work out too well. It has the potential to flop. Vici is a team that lacks a lot of playmaking, and giving them a bottom lane that still won’t make anything happen has the potential to go very poorly. However, it’s safe to say one of Vici’s biggest problems in 2016 was their lackluster bottom lane. HappyY joining the team would certainly help as he is a good team fighting ADC with an okay to average laning phase. Caveman has shown that he does have potential, so if he continues to improve, he could make a solid bottom lane with HappyY. But if Vici wants a fresh start in the bottom lane, the Newbee ADC and his lane partner MorZB being added to the team would be an interesting roster change.

  1. RooKie to Edward Gaming




It sounds insane on paper, it has the potential to be insane if it actually happens. Back in 2015, it was tough for me to think of any possible way to improve EDG’s already stacked roster. The only way that I could think of was replacing PawN with RooKie. Similar to PawN, the Invictus Gaming mid laner is a playmaker and has a good champion pool. But what’s even better about RooKie is that he’s a really good laner as well. Throughout 2016 he was the one shining light for IG and him joining EDG would be a huge addition for the LPL champions. Not to mention RooKie’s Mandarin is actually decent so communication wouldn’t be that big of an issue between him and the rest of the team.

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