2017 NA LCS Summer Split: Power Rankings

With the Summer Split of the NA LCS right on the horizon, it’s time to look at all the times and form expectations on where they are likely to place at the end of the split. Their power rankings apply only to the regular split and should be taken with a grain of salt as a whole lot can change in a month or two.



10. Team EnVyUs


A very easy choice for the 10th place spot. Team EnVy have made a few changes but they are not significant enough to warrant placing them above any of the other teams. With that being said it wouldn’t be shocking if they finished in 10th place again. The bright spot on this team remains Lira and if he is able to carry throughout the early games, EnVy may have a shot at finishing in a higher position than last split.



9. Immortals



The decision to trade in Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett for Jake “Xmithie” Puchero was certainly an interesting one but when taking everything into consideration, it can be considered a downgrade. From a mechanical standpoint there’s no doubt Dardoch is superior. What Xmithie brings to the table is a more positive team environment and possibly slightly better communication. That being said Immortals displayed very poor communication and synergy in the Spring Split. Although they improved in those areas near the end of the regular season, it wasn’t by a huge margin and it doesn’t seem likely that Xmithie will be able to fix this problem for Immortals.



8. Echo Fox



It’s looking likely that Echo Fox will finish in the same spot they were in last split. Despite making a few improvements with the addition of Wang “Feng” Xiao Feng and Brandon “Mash” Phan as substitutes while also replacing coach Simon “heavenTime” Jeon with Nicholas “Inero” Smith, this team simply hasn’t shown any positive signs that they will improve by much. Their unpredictable playstyle and decently good top side of the map is likely to net them some wins and keep them from the relegation. But a playoff spot seems out of question for Echo Fox.



7. Team Liquid



The most bizarre off-season decision coming into this split was Team Liquid deciding to keep their roster the same. Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer will be returning to the mid lane while Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jinmoves back to the ADC role after a brief stint as the team’s mid laner. The team’s explanation behind this weird decision is that the meta favors them more now and Goldenglue has gained more experience and can perform better under pressure. While it’s possible Liquid will do better this coming split, it’s unreasonable to expect a Top 6 finish for them. At least not with the same roster that failed miserably in the Spring Split. Their players have played enough with each other to place a little better than last time so while expectations for Liquid aren’t great, it probably won’t be as bad as last split.



6. Team Dignitas



Not much has changed on Team Dignitas. Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco has re-joined the team as a coach, Terry “Big” Chuong has joined the line-up and the main roster has remained the same. Dignitas played much better near the end of the Spring Split but they were mostly disappointing against Phoenix1 in the playoffs. With all of that in mind much like Echo Fox, Dignitas is probably going to finish in the same spot as they did in Spring. The team has enough talent and veteran players to stay in the middle of the rankings but placing higher than 6th with be a difficult task for them.



5. Counter Logic Gaming



Dardoch joining CLG as their new jungler may pay off next year if the team gives him time to develop as a player and gain synergy with his teammates. However it will take some time for that to happen and fans should not expect immediate results. CLG had several problems last split ranging from underperforming members, communication, synergy and weak resilience. Their playoffs series against FlyQuest put all of their issues on display. Not only did players underperform but CLG also didn’t play well as a team and threw away the series big time after winning the first few games. Adding a more mechanically skilled jungler that is known for causing trouble to his team’s environment won’t solve all of these issues. CLG is still good enough to place in the upper half of the standings but it’s not looking like they’ll be a strong contender for the NA LCS title.



4. FlyQuest



After departing from TSM, Jason “WildTurtle” Tran has joined FlyQuest. It can be assumed he will be taking the role of the team’s main AD Carry. It was announced that he left TSM due to wanting to be a starter. With this new addition to the line-up, FlyQuest should be able to finish higher this time around. The individual talent on the roster is still a question mark but their teamwork and Hai “Hai” Du Lam‘s shotcalling are top notch in comparison to most teams in the league.



3. Phoenix1



P1 definitely has the potential to break into the Top 2 next year, but it doesn’t seem likely to happen this coming split. Cloud9 and Team SoloMid are just too far ahead of the other teams including P1. They do have a strong line-up however and a lot of talent on the team. Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook and No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon are one of NA’s most consistent players while Rami “Inori” Charagh has shown significant improvements on champions outside of his comfort zone such as Ivern. Despite not having a high chance of surpassing C9 or TSM, Phoenix1 is a strong team and another 3rd place finish wouldn’t be surprising at all.



2. Cloud9



Another 2nd place finish for C9? Unfortunately that seems to be the case. The Spring Split was the perfect time for them to overtake Team SoloMid. They had a rough regular split and looked weaker without Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. And even so C9 still failed to beat them in the Spring finals and lost 2-3 to them. In this coming split Doublelift is returning to TSM and his shotcalling is likely to improve the team’s decisiveness and communication by a large margin. If C9 was unable to defeat a TSM without Doublelift then beating them with him in the line-up is not something a betting man would put his money on. Tough times for Cloud9 but they have enough skill as a team to remain TSM’s main rivals.



1. Team SoloMid



As expected TSM is at the top of the power rankings. Not a whole lot to say about them expect that Doublelift returning to the line-up is a huge boost for them. TSM fans should be happy as it is very likely that the team will win their 6th split and 3rd one in a row. The only thing that seems problematic for TSM is Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen and his inconsistent play. If he doesn’t shape up and continues to play worse and worse than TSM can definitely lose their grip on the NA LCS title. However if he does improve than TSM will probably remain the kings of North America.

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