2017 NA&EU LCS Finals: Preview and Predictions

We’ve finally arrived at the finale of both the EU and NA leagues. There’s only four teams left but only two of them can claim the right to call themselves champions. After upsetting Fnatic in a match they were expected to lose, Misfits will be facing off against G2 Esports. Either we will have ourselves a brand new champion or G2 will successfully defend their throne once more. In North America it’s a similar case with Immortals reaching their first ever final after taking down CLG. They will be matching up against defending champions TSM to decide the #1 seed heading into Worlds. One thing is for sure in both finals, history will be made. Here are our preview and predictions for both matches.


G2 Esports vs Misfits



What a ride it has been for Misfits. Going from a team that finished 4th in Spring and wasn’t expected to perform well into playoffs, to a team that reached the finals in their first LCS year. Every single player on the team has stepped up big and there’s no denying that this squad has earned the right to be in the finals. Similarly to them, G2 may not have had the best split and expectations for them were low but they also earned their spot in the Top 2. The question now is who wins it all?

More people will probably pick G2 to win. And why wouldn’t they? Despite their rough split they have bounced back in playoffs and have looked better with each series. Their victory over Splyce was shaky but their 3-0 over H2K was a dominant win, one that convinced people that G2 is back. If Misfits is going to win this series, it will most likely be because of teamwork. G2 has shown that there are still cracks in their play and their coordinator can be off at times. Player for player it’s even if not in G2’s favor. But this is a very teamfight oriented meta and if Misfits simply has the better teamplay and teamfighting, they definitely have the capability to win this series.

Although I’ve been wrong twice now when predicting Misfits to lose their Quarterfinal and Semifinal matches, third time’s the charm and I’ll be picking G2 to win it 3-2 in a very close series.


TSM vs Immortals



Something tells me that the script will fall apart this time and TSM will win this series despite there never being a three-peat in the NA LCS. Immortals definitely deserve to be in the finals and they do have what it takes to win but let’s just take a deeper look at how the bracket shaped up. Immortals beat CLG 3-0 to reach the finals. CLG themselves narrowly defeated Team EnVy 3-2, a team that was expected to do very poorly heading into playoffs. Sure Immortals won in a 3-0 sweep but in two of those games it definitely felt like they were very chaotic and CLG had their chances to win. Only the third game felt dominant for the most part.

Looking at TSM’s road to the playoffs they defeated Team Dignitas 3-1 and despite dropping one game, they looked very dominant in the first two games and won a very competitive fourth game to close out the series. Their opponents managed to defeat Cloud9 3-1, former NA LCS champions and runner-ups since Summer of last year. Not to mention the DIG-C9 series wasn’t one-sided and if C9 had not thrown their lead in the fourth game, who knows what would have happened in the deciding one. So just judging by the path both TSM and Immortals had to go through to reach the finals the odds are in TSM’s favor.

So how can Immortals win then? They have to play to their strengths and maximize their performance in the areas they excel at. Early game roaming from Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung, grouping between him and Jake “Xmithie” Puchero and surprisingly enough teamfighting. Many people would pick TSM as the better teamfighting squad but this split in particular, any time it feels like Immortals is going to lose a fight, a lot of times they end up winning it. If IMT plays to their strengths to the best of their ability, they can definitely take the series and win their first championship. That being said I still expect a 3-2 win for TSM in a close match.



We’ll close things off with some quick third place match predictions as well. Despite losing to TSM after coming so close to their first NALCS final, Team Dignitas should still be favored going into their match against CLG. They put up more of a fight and successfully defeated a powerhouse team in the Quarterfinals while CLG barely got past the 6th seed going into playoffs. Meanwhile for EU despite failing in their quest to become kings of Europe once more, Fnatic has the edge over H2K after the blue team suffered a very rough loss to G2 and are more than likely still shaken up over it. 3-1 victories for both Team Dignitas and Fnatic seem like solid predictions for both of these matches.



Photographs taken by Riot Games

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