2017 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 7 Round-Up

After Week 7 of the NA LCS the teams are very close in the standings and aside from probably only Phoenix1, any team has a chance to make playoffs. TSM, CLG and Immortals have already secured their playoff spot but the other three spots are up for grabs. Here are the takeaways from Week 7 of the NA LCS Summer Split!


TSM has some work to do



One thing is for sure and it’s that TSM is and always has been slow at adapting to patches. The 7.14 patch just hit the LCS and as expected TSM hasn’t figured it out yet which has heavily impacted their play. They didn’t look good at all in Week 7 after losing 0-2 to Dignitas and narrowly beating Echo Fox 2-1. Luckily for them they have already secured their spot in the playoffs but if they want to get a bye into the semifinals they’ll have to adapt to the patch fast or they are at risk of finishing outside of the Top 2.

The players are individually playing fine but the team as a whole is making questionable plays or decisions which is a little concerning. Still though, this is TSM and there’s no doubt they’ll bounce back to make Top 2 at the very least. In a lot of people’s minds they are still the favorites to win the split so TSM fans shouldn’t worry much yet.


CLG’s jungle situation



Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett himself claimed on Twitter that the first time he got subbed out for Omar “OmarGod” Amin it was because he had earned the play time and the chance to prove himself, it had nothing to do with Dardoch having attitude issues. It was an understandable substitution at first. But the way CLG subbed Dardoch out in an important match against Immortals that is likely to secure the winner a playoff bye was really bizarre. There’s no doubt that Dardoch right now is the more individually skilled played between the two as he has better mechanics and more competitive experience. Subbing him out only after 1 loss in an important series seems to be hinting that Dardoch might be having problems with keeping his confidence up. Or perhaps the team is losing faith in him as a teammate.

OmarGod wasn’t necessarily the reason why CLG lost to Immortals. He played fine as a whole despite being heavily banned out in Game 3 and he has proven that he does have potential to be a pretty good player. With that being said CLG needs to win as many matches as possible right now and playing with Dardoch is the right decision. But with the way they keep subbing him out in favor of OmarGod, it wouldn’t be surprising if CLG was having internal issues as a team.


A 2-0 week for Team Liquid?!



You read that right! TL actually picked up two series wins in Week 7 against Team EnVy and Phoenix1. So what does this mean for TL? Sadly it doesn’t mean they’ll have a Cinderella story because with the remaining schedule they have it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll lose at least one match. And losing one match would eliminated them from the playoffs. They don’t have any championship points either so a playoff spot is almost impossible for them.

What it does mean though is that TL is finally showing signs of improvement after a very disappointing year for them. The team just signed Sun “Mickey” Yong-min (formerly of Afreeca Freecs and ROX Tigers) so they are risking messing up the synergy they just started to build upon but it’s clear that Team Liquid hasn’t given up on being a top team and they are doing whatever they can to become a top contender in the LCS. The goal for them right now is to stay away from relegations and attain a spot in the NA LCS after franchising comes into effect but after that they’ll be looking to finally achieve their potential as a team.


Everything is super close in the NA LCS right now and every victory matters just as much as every loss does. We’re in for a few very exciting final weeks of regular season play!


Photographs taken by Riot Games

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