2017 NA LCS Summer Split: Week 2 Round-Up

Surprises are never bad when it comes to competitive matches but the same can be said about predictability sometimes. A good mix of both however can bring us a lot of enjoyment out of watching competitive games and that’s exactly what Week 2 of the NA LCS gave us. Here are the takeaway from last week’s games!



TSM reigns supreme in the rivalry against CLG



Despite CLG coming into their match against TSM with a 3-0 record and looking better than their opponents, TSM still won the match and earned bragging rights over their opponents. While in game 1 CLG was dominant, game 2 was the complete opposite with TSM easily winning. Game 3 was definitely the most competitive of the series and what it came down to in the end was two things. First of was Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell overperforming Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha in the top lane and gaining a level and item lead over him that made a huge difference in team fights. It wasn’t all Hauntzer though as TSM set him up much better to succeed than CLG did for Darshan.


That being said CLG came incredibly close to winning the game after picking off three members of TSM in the mid lane. But some quick thinking from Vincent “Biofrost” Wang and Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen saved the game as they cut off the minion wave and then Svenskeren landed an insane Lee Sin kick which let him hold off CLG until the other TSM members re-spawned, aced CLG and won the game off of that. It was a thrilling finish to an exciting series and the inevitable rematch between the two teams looks very promising.




Slow resurgence for Cloud9



Despite having a very poor Week 1, C9 came back strong in the second week and won both of their matches against Phoenix1 and Echo Fox. After being absent for their first three matches, Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong returned to the C9 roster. Although he didn’t look that great from an individual standpoint, his ability to facilitate communication and lead the team is what got C9’s win in the chaotic series against Echo Fox. With the meta favoring Andy “Smoothie” Ta and his affinity for playmaking supports as well as Impact returning to the team, things are certainly looking up for Cloud9.




Is Dignitas secretly bad? Or is Liquid starting to improve?



Although Dignitas’ first three matches would lead you to believe that they are really good, their surprising loss to the winless Team Liquid is going to raise some questions regarding how good Dignitas truly is. On paper they should have won the match but they weren’t able to. Does that mean they are bad? Technically speaking it doesn’t.


Despite looking bad since the start of the split, Team Liquid deserves some credit and their victory over Dignitas was well earned. The whole team played well and although their teamwork can still use a lot of work, they showed that they at least have the potential to be a solid Top 5 team if they can work out their core issues.




Phoenix1’s tragic downfall



What a weird situation P1 finds themselves in. From finishing 3rd in the Spring Playoffs to being stuck in last place and being the only team that hasn’t won a match. So what exactly is wrong with Phoenix1? It’s definitely more than one single issue. There’s no doubt that Rami “Inori” Charagh and Jordan “Shady” Robison aren’t proving their worth to the team and so far they haven’t shown us why P1 chose them as starters over William “Meteos” Hartman and William “Stunt” Chen. That being said it’s not all their fault.


No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon and Derek “zig” Shao have been underperforming as well. It’s hard to blame Arrow too much due to his support also not doing too great but Arrow is known as a player who won’t stand out with massive plays but will be consistent no matter what. That hasn’t been the case for him so far into this split. The same can be said about zig who has been having some shaky performance. Although he doesn’t make as much mistakes as some of his other teammates, his teleports have been very lackluster which signifies that the entire communication of P1 is hitting a brick wall and until that wall is knocked down P1 will continue to struggle.




Although we were gifted with some really entertaining matches last week, this week’s games are also promising and are sure to please a lot of fans. It’ll be really interesting to see which team can take control of the #1 spot with 4 teams being tied at 3-1 and three others being right behind them at 2-2.

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