2017 NA LCS Spring Split: Week 8 Round-Up


The final week of LCS play is upon us. Things are still not entirely clear and everything will be clear after the final week. But before that let’s take a moment to discuss which teams have the best chance of making playoffs or escaping relegations. Here are the takeaways from Week 8.


Another 2-0 week for Dignitas


Boy Dignitas sure did pick the right moment to improve and start winning games. Because of their poor first weeks though playoffs are still not secured for them. In-fact it’s still very possible that Dignitas barely misses out on playoffs with a bad Week 9. The team has looked completely revitalized ever since David “Cop” Roberson joined them as a Coach. Not only was he able to improve their drafts and build them around the players’ strengths but the players themselves seem more confident in themselves. Whatever he is doing seems to be working and it’s greatly improving the environment within the team. Dignitas’ final opponents are Cloud9 and Immortals. Although C9 will be a tough opponent Immortals managed to defeat them last week. Worst case scenario though would be if Dignitas loses to C9 and Immortals wins their match against. If that were to happen then they would have to face IMT directly for a spot in the playoffs. Dignitas’ fate is in the palm of their hands however looking at their recent form, it’s looking like they will indeed be one of the Top 6 teams.


Immortals looks good despite what their record implies


Currently the team is sharing 6th place with FlyQuest at 7 wins and 9 losses. Despite their record not looking too good, Immortals have been impressive recently. They are starting to mold into a good team just at the right time and that’s wonderful to see. Their bottom lane especially has stepped up big time and is one of the reasons why they are winning more games now. Similarly to Dignitas the Immortals squad has to face off a hard opponent in CLG and if they are unable to win that, they will likely be forced to defeat Dignitas if they want to have a spot in the playoffs. For both of those teams making Top 6 seems very likely so it would be quite surprising if one of them barely misses out on playoffs because of one bad week.


FlyQuest’s decline


This is the biggest question of the NA LCS right now. What exactly happened to FlyQuest? They looked so good in the first half of the split but completely dropped the ball in the second half. Was it just poor drafts? Did their players’ performance drop? Was it a lack of teamwork? It seems like a combination of all of those things. Not to mention the low morale within the team because of so many losses piling up. Can FlyQuest salvage the mess they have made? Yes it is definitely possible if Hai “Hai” Du Lam is able to shape up coming into the final week and lead the team in the right direction. However with all of the other teams improving, it’s going to be a tough task and looking at their current form it seems unlikely they will be able to pull it off.


Counter Logic Gaming looks dominant again


Despite facing problems throughout the split, the CLG line-up has managed to bounce back from them and regain their dominant form. Although their Week 8 opponents were Echo Fox and FlyQuest, they still looked convincing in their victories against them. With their final two final opponents being Immortals and EnVy it is safe to say that CLG will pick up at least one win in order to secure their playoff spot. However we can never be too sure with CLG as they always manage to find a way to surprise us for better or worse.


Things seem hopeless for Team Liquid and Team EnVy


Although both teams are close to Echo Fox in the standings, it just does not seem likely that they will catch them with their schedule being the way it is. Team EnVy has a direct match against Echo Fox however their other match will be against CLG. The realistic outcome is for them to go 0-2. If they are able to take out Echo Fox it still may not be enough because CLG is unlikely to lose to them. Team Liquid has a better chance of saving themselves though it doesn’t look too good for them either. They are one win behind Echo Fox and will be facing off against first place TSM and the slumping FlyQuest. They will need to hope that Echo Fox loses both their matches and they themselves are able to beat FlyQuest to force a tiebreaker. Both teams dug themselves into an even bigger hole after failing to pick up a win in Week 8 and although they still have a small chance of saving themselves, it seems unlikely as they will probably head off to relegations.


The final week of NA LCS play will decide it all. Every team has a chance to climb and get into a better position than they currently are in. It’s going to be an exciting week of play and I for one can’t wait to see what will happen!

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