2017 NA LCS Spring Split: Week 3 Round-Up


The NA LCS has had an interesting development in Week 3. There are three teams that are at the top and all of them have a history with each other. Team SoloMid and Cloud9 have had a friendly rivalry for the longest time now. FlyQuest has 3/5 of the original Cloud9 roster. These three teams are set to battle for the top spots going into Week 4 with Phoenix1 right on their heels. Here are the takeaways from Week 3.


Immortals are underperforming big time


Ever since Week 1, it has been clear that Immortals are not performing well. As a team they don’t really have great direction and watching their games feels like watching a headless chicken run around in circles. The biggest problem with Immortals right now is their players constantly underperforming. Even Flame who was expected to perform well from the start has been having some poor games. Cody Sun has been having average laning phases but his teamfighting and skillshot accuracy have been very lackluster. Pobelter has also been highly abused in lane, falling prey to ganks constantly. This can be attributed to Immortals’ weak warding and possibly weak communication. Dardoch has been having a lot of blunders and his play has been very inconsistent. Olleh has been the silver lining for Immortals so far and although he hasn’t looked that great on meta supports, his performances on pocket picks such as Thresh and Morgana have been impressive and if he polishes his play a bit more he will be a very solid support. Immortals still have time to improve and fix their play but if they don’t start doing that in Week 4, getting into playoffs this split may be an impossible task for them.


Team Liquid is in shambles



I’ll be honest about this, I really don’t know what’s going on with Team Liquid and what to think of them. Their basics seem to be missing and they are making mistakes that an LCS team should not be making. In their game against EnVy, when Reignover went top to gank for Lourlo, instead of backing and playing safer TL’s bottom lane kept going too forward even after getting ganked which resulted in a free kill for EnVy. Something is going wrong within Liquid and it’s resulting in even Piglet making silly mistakes. Perhaps their scrims aren’t going well or their practice is inefficient. Whatever it is, TL still has a lot of work to do if they even want to make it into playoffs.


Counter Logic Gaming is a mystery



Similarly to Team Liquid, CLG is in a questionable state. Their players are making small mistakes in most games that end up biting them from behind and although it’s not as severe as with TL, it’s still a problem for them. CLG does show good plays and they don’t seem hopeless or anything but they need to clean their play if they want to climb the standings. Because it’s CLG and because they have retained their roster from last year, it should be expected that they will be able to fix their issues and improve. However until playoffs roll around, CLG should not be expected to be Top 2 after the performances they showed us.


EnVy have won their first match


It took a while but Team EnVy has finally picked up a win. They looked good in their victory against Team Liquid and they were very decisive. If they are able to fix their mid to late game shotcalling and they stop throwing their leads, EnVy can definitely be a solid team. Lira looks like a good early game jungler that pressures laners and punishes them if they blow summoners. Seraph is playing at his usual level and he is having impressive performances on more carry oriented champions such as Jayce. It’s an upward swing for EnVy and even though they lost to Cloud9, it was an expected one and they should use their win against Team Liquid as a launching pad for their rise in the standings. With Dignitas falling down further and further, EnVy needs to capitalize on it and climb up.


Phoenix1 looks good despite the loss to Team SoloMid



The P1 squad has been impressive so far and even though they fell to 4th place after a loss to TSM, they looked good even in their loss and it was not an easy match for TSM by any means. Ryu is playing incredibly well and he has a big presence in team fights. The bottom lane are also performing consistently and Arrow is putting up good numbers. His English seems to be at a good level already and it shows because, for a team with two imports, P1’s macro and synergy is quite impressive. The big question mark right now is Inori. His performance on Ivern, a more supportive jungler, was very underwhelming and it begs the questions of whether or not he is able to play at a high level on non-carry champions. He has shown in the past that he can perform well on Rek’Sai but if the meta switches to supportive champions in the jungle, it’s tough to guess if Inori will be able to adapt or not. This could be a problem for P1 in the future.


Week 4 will be all about the huge match-up between Cloud9 and FlyQuest and whether or not FlyQuest can continue to stay at the top after playing tougher opponents like C9 and TSM. We’re in for some amazing matches and it’s going to be tough to predict the winners.

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