2017 NA LCS Spring Split Power Rankings

There are a lot of promising players in the NA LCS this year. Most of the team rosters seem promising and a case can be made for them doing well. Here are our power rankings heading into the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split.


10. Team EnVyUs


NV has retained its core of Seraph and Ninja. There’s no doubt both of them are solid players and EnVyUs doesn’t need to worry too much about their solo lanes. The problem comes with their bottom lane and jungler. Apollo and Hakuho are not bad players but they’re not at the top in their position by any means. It’s hard to imagine them competing with NA’s best bottom lanes. NV’s new jungler Lira shouldn’t do too poorly but it’ll take some time for him to adjust to the new environment. People definitely shouldn’t expect much from EnVyUs this split but they do have the potential to do okay.


9. FlyQuest


Hai is back in the LCS! But will he be able to salvage yet another team? Last time we saw him, LemonNation and Balls, they were relegated to Cloud9’s challenger team. Although all three of them have what it takes to compete in the LCS, the league has only improved in their time away and even Hai’s shotcalling will likely not be enough to save FlyQuest from being a bottom tier team. Their new jungler Moon’s inability to show great play in the LCS makes the expectations for FlyQuest very low.


8. Echo Fox


Despite Echo Fox’s awful Summer Split, the team showed promise in the Spring Split last year. Since then, they have replaced their struggling players. Looper will surely be an upgrade over Kfo. Akaadian is still unproven on the LCS stage but Gate has shown himself to be a more stable support than Fox’s previous support Big. Froggen and Keith should be a great core for the team and it’s up to them to be the leaders that Echo Fox needs. Even though a Top 5 finish for them seems very unlikely, finishing just above the relegation zone is definitely possible for this team.


7. Phoenix1


The roster of P1 is mostly promising but the problem arises in how well Arrow and Ryu will be able to communicate with the English speaking members of the team. Adrian is a decent support in regular season games but whenever it’s time for playoffs it doesn’t seem like he performs well. P1’s bottom lane is definitely going to be the question mark because their top side of zig, Inori and Ryu seems very promising. Ryu is able to speak decent English after his time in Europe so it can be assumed he’ll be able to communicate at least outside of team fights. Other rosters are more likely to place above P1 due to better communication or more star power but P1 should be a middle of the pack team for sure.


6. Team Liquid



Reignover is one of the best players to ever grace the West. Piglet is still a really great ADC. But it seems like that’s all Team Liquid will be able to offer this split. GoldenGlue is still unproven in the LCS and it seems like he just crumbles under big pressure. Matt and Lourlo are good players but they haven’t shown any signs that they can be top players in their position. With all of that in mind, Team Liquid’s biggest strength will be their potentially great communication. But in terms of star power TL is just not up there with the best teams.


5. Immortals


Let me start this off by saying I think Immortals will be a Top 3 team in the Summer Split. They have very good potential on paper. Sadly it will take a split for them to find their groove and build some teamwork and synergy. Flame and Dardoch will surely become an explosive duo if they can work well together but until that happens, Immortals will have to go through some growing pains.


4. Team Dignitas



It’s very simple, Chaser and Ssumday are just going to burst out onto the NA LCS scene as an explosive combination. While I think Flame and Dardoch will start off slow but end up becoming an amazing duo, Ssumday and Chaser will start hot but they might decline a little bit as the season goes on. Xpecial and LOD may also be a sleeper bottom lane. While we shouldn’t expect them to smash any bottom lanes, they could be a bottom lane that either wins or always goes even. Dignitas should be a pretty good team but they are likely to barely miss placing Top 3.


3. Counter Logic Gaming


Even though CLG’s decision to keep their roster the same can arguably hurt them, there’s no doubt in my mind they will still be one of the top teams in NA. The team has one of the best coaches in the west, a really great leader and also a super consistent jungler. That said until CLG upgrades their mid lane position or adds more players to their roster to increase their flexibility, a third place finish is the most likely outcome for CLG.


2. Cloud9


Without question, Cloud9 will remain a strong team coming into 2017. The question mark is placed on their new jungler Contractz, a hyped up but unproven player. The rest of the roster is untouched and there’s no reason they won’t be able to keep playing at the same level they showed in Summer of last year. Impact had incredible performances last year and he will be looking to solidify himself completely as a rejuvenated player coming into this split. With this in mind Cloud9 should not settle for anything below 2nd place.


1. Team SoloMid

Honestly speaking, TSM and Cloud9 are probably at a similar level. The reason why TSM takes the number one spot coming into the Spring Split is because unlike Cloud9, TSM won’t be using anyone they are unfamiliar with. WildTurtle may have his questionable moments, but he’s still a top AD player in the region and it should not be too difficult for him to be plugged into the team environment TSM has built up. The team may start off slow but by the end of the split they are very likely to retain their title as North America’s best team.

No matter how accurate these power rankings end up being, one thing is for sure and it’s that North America’s ten squads all have the potential to be good. It’s going to be a pure joy for us fans to see which teams are able to live up to the expectations!

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