2017 LPL Spring Split: Week 3 Round-Up


It was quite the week for the LPL as Newbee faced off against the QG Reapers. Doinb vs Swift was renewed, and while the expectations were that QG would win the series after having great first few weeks, it didn’t go as we expected it to. Here are the takeaways from Week 3 of the LPL.


QG Reapers have hit a roadblock


Sadly for Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang, he lost his match-up against his former team as Newbee was able to defeat QG 2-1 in a close series. The problem right now with the newest LPL squad is that they seem somewhat limited. Kan “Kabe” Ho-man has only looked very impressive on tanks so far and he needs to broaden his champion pool if he doesn’t want to be a liability. The team also seems to not respect Camille enough, as they gave it to Newbee in the final deciding game and picked a team comp that honestly didn’t have any sort of solid counter to it. And as was expected Newbee punished them for it and won the series. These are mistakes that aren’t crucial but need to be fixed if QG doesn’t want to fall in a rut.


Royal Never Give Up looks like the best team


After Week 3, it seems like RNG is the cleanest and best looking team in the LPL. Their shotcalling and synergy has slowly improved week by week and it’s showing. Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming is being groomed to be their new shotcaller and considering he is a fairly new player, he is doing an admirable job so far. If his team can continue performing at a good level while he keeps learning how to shotcall effective, we could be looking at the next champions of the LPL. Obviously it is still early and such statements should be taken with a grain of salt but this is definitely a good trajectory for RNG and their full Chinese line-up might just pay off in the long run.

Team WE has rebounded


Despite a shaky first two weeks, Team WE has won their series against Game Talents and Vici Gaming. Their new support player Nam “Ben” Dong-hyun is showing good promise. While Yoon “Zero” Kyung-sup is a very good and respected player, there’s no denying his performance wasn’t at its best in recent times. Freshening up the team with a new and capable player is a very smart decision from Team WE and while it’s tough to say how it’ll pan out for them long-term, right now it seems to be working and Team WE should most likely continue using Ben at least until he starts to underperform.


IMay and Snake continue to fall down


After a great first week, things have went downhill for the IMay line-up. It could be attributed to them not having a stable environment or players underperforming but the other teams getting better is also part of it. Even OMG has managed to snatch two series wins so far and climb above IMay in the standings. If they don’t want to fall behind then IMay needs to stabilize their play and fix their mistakes fast if they don’t want to plummet even further. As for Snake Esports, they looked bad in Week 2 against RNG and they certainly looked worse in Week 3. In Group A the weakest teams were considered LGD Gaming and OMG. Somehow and someway Snake have managed to lose to both teams in 0-2 sweeps in the same week. If Snake is unable to pick up wins against their weakest opponents on paper, then things are looking bleak for them. Lê “SofM” Quang Duy was subbed out for Zeng “Zzr” Zhanran in some of the games and while Zzr did look okay, it wasn’t enough for Snake to improve their performance and get some wins under their belts. Both IMay and Snake need to work fast and fix any issues that are plaguing them because if they don’t, they will be in quite a lot of trouble.



With the LPL on break next week due to IEM Katowice, all of these teams need to use this time wisely. Especially struggling teams like IMay, Snake, Game Talents and Vici Gaming. How they use their time off will be crucial in whether or not they perform better or worse going into Week 4.

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