2017 LPL Spring Split: Week 2 Round-Up


If we didn’t already know this by now, we should know to never doubt the LPL when it comes to not making sense. So many results this week were head-scratching and they made people wonder if the break the LPL got for the Chinese New Year was enough for some teams to improve and pull off upsets. Let’s get to it and see what the takeaways are from Week 2 of the LPL.


IMay fell down in the standings quickly


It only took them one week, but IMay managed to go from being undefeated in 1st place, to sitting in 4th place with a 2-2 record. And it wasn’t only about the losses but also how they lost. Against both Snake Esports and OMG the squad lead by Shek “AmazingJ” Wai Ho was defeated without much difficulty by their opponents. After OMG lost their match to LGD Gaming, it was expected that IMay would wipe the floor with them. That was not the case though, as OMG cruised through IMay with two decisive wins. Is this the start of the end for IMay? No, it most likely isn’t. Even during the Summer Split last year IMay wasn’t that strong of a team in regular season play but when it came to Best of Five series they were a different team.


QG Reapers are impressive so far



The expectations for the QG Reapers coming into this split weren’t very high. Boy have they exceeded those expectations. Granted, they did drop a single game in both of their matches in Week 2. But as soon as they sub out the bottom lane that they started game 1 with and bring in their other bottom lane that was on the bench, it’s like they become an entirely different team and they play much better in the final two games. It’s almost like a Team SoloMid vibe where they may lose the first game and not care about it as much, but when the next two come around, they turn it on and they play so much better. With Edward Gaming’s loss to Newbee, it’s fair to say QG are the best team in Group B after Week 2.


Game Talents are the worst team in the LPL



Let me just say that I did expect Game Talents to be the worst team coming into the split. That being said, I will state the obvious. They just don’t look good, and it’s clear they have the weakest and most limited roster within the league. Their players seem like they can only play at their best when they are using champions that suit their playstyle. In-game, their dragon control is awful, as they are the worst team in the LPL in that category. It’s not looking good for Game Talents, and unless they make some sort of good changes, it doesn’t seem like they will be able to do anything significant in their group.


Edward Gaming has suffered their first loss since 2016



It has finally happened. The last regular season loss that Edward Gaming suffered was in the Spring Split of 2016, during Week 6 against the former Qiao Gu Reapers team. Considering the Newbee squad has 4/5 of the previous Qiao Gu, it’s only fitting that they would be the first team to take down EDG after such a long time. So why did EDG lose? Basically it was a combination of them just not playing well and Newbee playing at a solid level. Shin “CoCo” Jin-yeong played over Yu “Cool” Jia-Jun this week and he was great. It’s bad for Cool because this signifies that they might start playing CoCo over him more from now on. Cool played decently in Week 1 but if the team has better synergy, communication or team environment with CoCo it makes sense to continue playing with him as a starter. As for EDG, it’s clear that Chen “Mouse” Yu-Hao is still a problematic player, as he doesn’t have great performances on more carry oriented champions such as Gangplank. Whether or not they will stick with him or play more with Tong “Koro1” Yang is unclear at this point, but considering they added trainee top laner Huang “Minn” Minmin to their line-up, it is safe to say EDG are exploring their opponents going forward.


Team WE is looking shaky



Something is wrong with Team WE, and it’s making them look like a weak team. On paper they should be dominating their group. They have retained their roster and have only added a few new players to increase their flexibility. But for some reason, they are just not playing at their usual consistent level. They were a consistent team last year when it came to regular season play and they always messed up in the playoffs. But now, even their regular season play has taken a dip, and it’s looking like they may be having communication or coordination issues as they often make weird in-game decisions that end up costing them fights or objectives.


Week 2 definitely showed us that the LPL is as crazy as ever and any sort of upset can happen. So far QG Reapers seem like the strongest team and it will be interesting to see which squad will be able to give them a run for their money.

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