2017 EU LCS Summer Split: Week 9 Round-Up

The final week of EU LCS is upon us and although the playoff contenders have been locked, the seeding still needs to be decided for most of the teams. There are going to be some really exciting matches in Week 10 but before that let’s take a look at the takeaway from Week 9!


G2 Esports is back!



The kings of Europe have finally returned to their consistent form. It seemed like it in past weeks but it’s definitely more safe to say it now. Despite being the weakest team at Rift Rivals, that was perhaps G2’s wake-up call that they need to improve if they don’t want to lose their title as Europe’s number one team. And that’s exactly what G2 have done. They haven’t switched their style or changed how they play. They are still the same team except now they’ve cleaned up their play and their methodical approach is easily dismantling teams.


The big question now is if their playstyle can topple Fnatic and their lust to regain their title as Kings of Europe. It’s difficult to say considering how Fnatic has played in a more standard way ever since their disappointing performance at Rift Rivals. As it stands right now the advantage goes to Fnatic because of their ability to play unorthodox picks. However if G2 keep improving and cleaning up their play even more, they can easily retain their championship and go to Worlds as Europe’s number one seed.


H2K is a huge dark horse



For a while now the narrative around H2K has been that they are dominant in games that aren’t important but when it comes to big matches they tend to disappoint. While that is definitely a possibility, sooner or later H2K is bound to show up in playoffs and this might just be their time to shine. Aside from Fnatic, G2 and UoL the team has not dropped a single game against any other squad in Europe. Even Fnatic has dropped a few games to a bottom tier team but the same cannot be said about H2K.


Not only are their players performing but the team as a whole destroys their opponents quite fast if they get an early game lead for themselves. If H2K can sustain their dominance and display it against stronger opponents like Fnatic then they definitely have what it takes to win the EU LCS. Will they win it? History suggests that they’ll fall short once more but in a lot of people’s eyes they should be a strong dark horse for the playoffs.


Disappointment for Vitality and ROCCAT



Both of these teams showed some promise. ROCCAT gave their fans hope when they gave Fnatic their only series loss of the split in Week 3. There were moments where it seemed like the team was going to find some momentum and turn it into a playoffs spot. Sadly that wasn’t the case and ROCCAT never seemed like they put the pieces together. Milo “Pridestalker” Wehnes has been on par in terms of mechanics with previous jungler Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian but he was never able to play too well from a deficit and that’s one reason why ROCCAT lost some of their games. The other reason being that the jungle synergy that existed between Maxlore and Felix “Betsy” Edling just didn’t resurface in the Pridestalker and Betsy duo.


For Vitality it was the same old story. They were just an average team that didn’t really show much promise to begin with. That’s very harsh to say considering their players aren’t bad by any means but it’s still the truth. Vitality just isn’t good as a team and they’re going to have to do changes to their line-up if they want to be a contender.


Relegations is the word for Mysterious Monkeys and Ninjas in Pyjamas



What a shocker right? Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek and Maurice “Amazingx” Stückenschneider both tried to salvage Mysterious Monkey but it wasn’t enough. Sofyan “CozQ” Rechchad has had a very lackluster split and the rest of the team hasn’t really performed that well either. The funny thing however is that while Vitality is going to have a better record than them, the Monkeys showed more promise as a team. Individually they weren’t too impressive but as a five man unit arguments could be made that they had some potential.


Ninjas in Pyjamas also showed glimmers of hope but what was more surprising about their very disappointing split is how poorly they performed with the players they have. With their roster you would expect they’d have what it takes to at least put up a fight to avoid relegations. But from day one they only showed some shining moments every now and then only to always lose in the end excluding against ROCCAT in Week 8. Certainly a very disappointing split for NiP.



Next week’s matches are going to decide the seedings for playoffs. We are also in for a huge match between Fnatic and G2 Esports which is most likely going to deliver!


Photographs taken by Riot Games

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