2017 EU LCS Summer Split: Week 7 Round-Up

Another week of EU LCS action wrapped up and it left us with some things to think about. Is Fnatic still the best team in EU right now? Are ROCCAT going to have a late season surge again? Will G2 return to their MSI form? Here are the takeaway from Week 7 of the EU LCS Summer Split.


More standard play from Fnatic



Arguably the #1 team in Europe, Fnatic are starting to play more according to the current meta. They seem to have gone away from their previous playstyle of making Martin “Rekkles” Larsson surpass the enemy ADC in farm and experience by going to sidelines. It seems like their poor performance at Rift Rivals has unlocked them and they are trying to play in a more standard way, relying on their teamwork to win them games. Certainly a good sign for Fnatic after they secured their spot in the playoffs win a 2-1 victory over the Unicorns of Love.

The biggest concern about Fnatic to me is their drafts. In Game 1 against the Unicorns they let them have Maokai for free while in the other games they refused to pick it even when Unicorns didn’t want it for themselves. Whether that’s because Paul “sOAZ” Boyer doesn’t want the champion or not, Fnatic needs to realize that even if some picks don’t fit the players or their playstyle, they need to learn how to play those picks simply because of the power they bring to any team composition. If Fnatic polishes their play and becomes more open-minded and flexible, it’s hard to imagine any other team in Europe stopping them.


G2’s slow recovery



There are still some problems that G2 is facing such as players underperforming in some games and questionable draft decisions. But aside from that G2 is slowly reclaiming their MSI form which allowed them to have a decent series against SK Telecom T1. Can they recover in time to defend their throne as the best team in Europe? They can but it’s not hard to imagine them dropping out in the semifinals this time around if they have an off day.

Ki “Expect” Dae-Han in particular was impressive in G2’s series against H2K. While he had to play Jarvan in half of G2’s Week 7 games, he has proven that his teamfighting with the champion is top notch. He’s not too impressive in lane but his ability to use his E+Q combo properly and the timing on his ultimate have proved he knows how to teamfight effectively with Jarvan. As long as the players on G2 continue to improve individually and fix their teamwork and synergy, they will definitely have a chance of defending their title.


ROCCAT’s second late season resurgence



After an impressive 2-1 victory over the Unicorns of Love the ROCCAT squad is back in contention for a playoff spot. Unlike last split their chances of getting a playoff spot this time around are better. Assuming both Misfits and ROCCAT get 1 win against Ninjas in Pyjamas and ROCCAT beats Misfits as well as Fnatic or G2, then the blue squad will have a chance of getting a playoff spot. Misfits are expected to lose against both Fnatic and a re-surging G2 so ROCCAT’s match against the Misfits will be of huge importance.

A worrying trend about ROCCAT is that even they don’t seem to know how they are getting their wins. In a post-match interview after their win against UoL, Petter “Hjärnan” Freyschuss was asked what contributed to their win and his answer was that they just “played their game and won”. It could be that he just didn’t know how to explain their victory properly but if he really doesn’t know how the team won, it raises the question of whether or not ROCCAT has any direction as a team. If they don’t it’s unlikely they’ll go far in playoffs even if they make it there.


With a three way tie in Group B as well as Group A being somewhat close, the final weeks of EU LCS play will be exciting and it’ll be very interesting to see which teams can secure a playoff spot and if we’ll see any upsets or not!


Photographs taken by Riot Games

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