2017 EU LCS Summer Split: Week 4 Round-Up

After Week 4 the EU LCS Summer Split, it’s clear that Fnatic is the best team Europe has to offer at the moment. Whether or not that will change remains to be seen. As of right now Europe seems slightly better than North America as a whole which is promising considering Rift Rivals is close. Here are the takeaways from last week’s EU LCS action.


Unicorns of Love have done it!



After being unable to defeat G2 Esports in a best of series for so long, the Unicorns have finally defeated them. Although it wasn’t the cleanest series from either team especially G2, it was a memorable one. The Unicorns have come close to winning an EU LCS title before but last split in particular was a really good chance for them to do it. Not only did they do really well in their group but they also looked like the only team that could take down G2 due to their unique playstyle. But sadly for them G2 was able to win 3-1 and crushed UOL’s hopes of winning the title.


Safe to say the Unicorns have gotten their revenge. So where do they go from here? With Splyce having a 4-1 record like them and H2K being 4-2 the next goal for the Unicorns should be to continue winning until they can secure a Top 2 spot in their group. Their next two matches are against NiP and Misfits so they will likely win at least one of those matches if not both.


Are the bottom teams worse than Origen of Spring?



Right now both Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mysterious Monkeys are sitting at an 0-5 record in terms of matches and 0-10 in terms of games. Although Week 5 will be opening up with both teams facing off against each other and one of them will pick up a win, it begs the question of whether or not these teams are worse than Origen from last split. Statistically speaking even Origen didn’t pick up a single win in the first 4 weeks. But when looking at it from a gameplay perspective, it’s another story entirely.


While both NiP and MM are losing their games, they aren’t getting crushed. In some of those games they are getting early leads or at the very least making good moves. Whether it’s a smart map movement, a good skirmish or good teamfighting. Bottom line is that unlike these two teams the Origen from last split looked worse in their first four weeks. And despite not having a good roster on paper, it was still expected that they would do better than what they showed based off the organization’s prestige. With Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mysterious Monkeys that’s not true. The monkeys are a new team in the scene while NiP doesn’t exactly have a rich history. At the end of the day it’s clear that both teams aren’t as bad as Origen from last split.


Rekkles is having a great split



This might be one of Martin “Rekkles” Larsson‘s most impressive splits ever. He is absolutely destroying his competition in some statistics such as CS per minute, XP differential at 10 and especially KDA. While the second closest AD Carry in KDA is Steven “Hans sama” Liv with a KDA of 7.5 Rekkles has an incredibly KDA of 19.1 which is a lot higher compared to the other players in his position. The downside to his play is that he doesn’t really deal much damage. His damage dealt per minute is near the bottom while his damage share within his team is 23.3%, the lowest of any AD Carry in Europe. While his play isn’t perfect it’s clear that Fnatic as a team revolves around him and they play accordingly to his playstyle which is what allows him to do his job well despite not being top notch in every possible statistic.


Has G2 gotten worse or is their competition just better?



Ever since their return from MSI it just feels like G2 is playing worse than before. But why are they playing worse? Well despite what many might think it’s actually not because of any single player. All of G2’s players aren’t playing that great but they are also not playing bad. In most statistics the G2 players are in the middle or in the top within their role.


What it boils down to is that their teamwork is lacking. Both in champion select and in-game. When it comes to champion select whether it’s the players not communicating with the coach or the team as a whole not preparing well for games, they continue to lock themselves into losing team comps. And even inside the game the team just doesn’t seem like they are on the same page. Something needs to change quickly for G2. Ever since they’ve been in the EU LCS, they haven’t had a losing record until now. If this isn’t a red flag for G2 then who knows what is.


Week 4 gave us a clear answer of who the strongest teams are right now. Week 5 will shows us which of the two bottom teams is the weakest and if G2 can finally start regaining their previous form.

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