2017 EU LCS Summer Split: Week 2 Round-Up

Week 2 of the EU LCS Summer Split didn’t give us any huge surprises. Every team is in the same position they were in last week. At this point it would be a huge surprise if any of the bottom teams manage to climb up in the standings. Nevertheless here are the takeaways from last week’s EU LCS action.



Fnatic are the temporary kings of Europe



Although the championship is still technically in G2’s possession, Fnatic are first in their group with a perfect 3-0 record so far. The style they have developed is working very well for them and it makes them exciting to watch You just want to see how far they can go with this style if they can perfect it. If past teams can be used as an example, the answer to that is that it can take them very far. Season 4 Worlds finalists Star Horn Royal Club were known as a one-dimensional team that played heavily around Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao. Although they didn’t have the most insanely talented players, their ability to understand their role and play around Uzi was outstanding. In the end they were able to reach the finals of Worlds and take a game off of eventual winner Samsung White simply because they were that good at playing their style.


Fnatic seems to be heading in a similar direction. Although they have reliable solo laners, their main carry is definitely Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and it seems that the team revolves around him. If the former LCS champions can master their style then they can go far with it, possibly even reclaim the LCS title. Their victory over G2 Esports in Week 2 certainly gives Fnatic fans hope that it’s a strong possibility.



What will it take for H2K to claim 1st place?



After starting off their Summer Split in a very impressive manner, H2K suffered a tough loss against the Unicorns of Love. Several things played into their loss. From baron throws to being unable to play to their game plan, H2K has the potential to be a strong contender for the title but they just haven’t been able to pull through so far.


Another factor to their loss was Samuel “Samux” Fernández Fort‘s big performance in the entire series. After being largely invisible to the eyes of the fans due to the team revolving around Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov and Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás, Samux has stepped out from the shadows and has shown himself to be a reliable and proactive carry for the team. Granted it was just one series but if he can continue this level of play, he can definitely reach Rekkles andJesper “Zven” Svenningsen‘s level eventually.



The gap between the top and the bottom



On one side you have the top teams consisting of H2K, Fnatic, G2 and UOL. Then on the other side you have every other time. It seems like the gap between those groups of teams is very big right now. Simply put whenever a top team faces a bottom team, the top team is more than likely going to win. Last split we rarely saw a bottom team defeating a top team with the most memorable one being ROCCAT upsetting G2 in the final week of regular season play. So far in the Summer Split that hasn’t happened yet. The Top 4 that were mentioned are either undefeated or have dropped a series to another top team.


What will it take for the gap to be closed? A lot of hard work and dedication towards improvements. LCK is in a similar position where there is a gap between SKT and the rest of the teams. Whenever a team in Korea takes down LCK it requires solid preparation and hard work. Europe is no different and if any of these bottom teams want to challenge for a top spot, they have to play like they deserve it.




Next week’s matches will provide some of the bottom teams with opportunities to turn their season around. Not only will ROCCAT face off against a dominant Fnatic but Vitality will get a chance to capitalize against a shaken H2K. We will have to wait and see if any of these underdogs can make a huge statement within the League.

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