2017 EU LCS Spring Split: Week 8 Round-Up


We finally have four teams that are locked for playoffs and one team locked for relegations! Week 8 of the EU LCS did not disappoint, giving us plenty of fun matches to watch. With the end of the split approaching, it’s time to look at the takeaways from last week!


ROCCAT has a chance of making playoffs!


Oh yes you heard me right, Team ROCCAT actually has a chance of making playoffs. After winning two very important matches against Fnatic and Giants, the blue team is currently sitting right behind Fnatic with one less match remaining and one more loss than them. It’s not going to be an easy road for ROCCAT. They face Misfits in Week 9 as well as G2 Esports in Week 10. Beating either of those teams would be a huge upset from ROCCAT but it’s something that they need to do if they want to earn a spot into the playoffs. Fnatic’s schedule is not an easy one either and the only beatable opponent they face is Giants. If things go well for ROCCAT and Fnatic loses their three remaining matches, the miracle story might become a reality.


Unicorns of Love are back on track


In a very interesting series, the Unicorns of Love were able to defeat H2K in a 2-0 sweep to reclaim their first place position in Group B. The few weeks prior to that the Unicorns were struggling and failing to perform at their usual level. With players underperforming and the team just not playing well together, it was starting to feel like Unicorns might decline at the worst possible moment. However that thought quickly went away with UOL’s Week 8 performance. Heading into next week the Unicorns are facing Origen which should be a free for them.


G2 Esports are still the best in Europe after surviving the Misfits


In a very thrilling series, the second place team in Group A lost 1-2 to G2 Esports. The result of the match was not a surprise with most people expecting G2 to win. That being said the performance that Misfits showed is impressive and it continues to show that this team is improving at a fast rate. Although they were unable to defeat G2 in the regular season, playoffs could be an entirely new story. Misfits certainly have the talent and teamwork to take down the kings of Europe. The question is how well will they utilize their talent and will it be enough for them?


Wunder continues to be a great asset for Splyce


While Splyce as a whole is a good team filled with good players, the one person that stands out is Martin “Wunderwear” Hansen. He has continued to play at a really good level for a while now. He never really loses lane badly and most of the time wins or goes even. His ability to play tanks may be a bit questionable at times but there’s no doubt that ever since Summer of last year, Wunder has been continuously improving and he shows no signs of slowing down.


Fnatic need to pick up a win

In dire danger of losing their playoff spot, the Fnatic line-up needs to pick up a win against Giants if they want to keep their spot. The organization has made an important decision to remove Nicholas NicoThePico Korsgård as the team’s coach. With their manager Finlay Quaye Steward stepping in as head coach it’ll be interesting to see if Fnatic can fix their issues even temporarily and grab a very much needed win to secure their spot in the playoffs.


With that we will round things out. Not much happened in Europe apart from expected teams securing their playoff spots. However the games were exciting as always and that will most likely be the case heading into Week 9.

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