2017 EU LCS Spring Split: Week 5 Round-Up


The second week of cross-group play has concluded and the best team in Europe has been decided. Meanwhile, the four bottom teams in each group continue to fall further and further behind the rest of Europe. The upcoming IEM Katowice event will give us a small preview of how Europe might stack internationally but for now let’s take a look at Week 5 of the EU LCS.


G2 Esports is the undisputed best team


In a surprising 2-0 sweep, the current kings of Europe took down Group B’s Unicorns of Love. The series was expected to be close, but after a dominating Game 1 win by G2, the Unicorns were at the opponent’s nexus before making a massive blunder and not finishing the game. This would end up biting them from behind as they threw the game entirely and lost the match. Although a victory for G2 was the more likely outcome, UOL losing without winning a game and making such a massive throw is quite the surprise. For the sake of better competition in Europe, hopefully this loss won’t demoralize the Unicorns, and they will be able to bounce back and continue performing at a good level. However, after a rough loss like that, it would not be surprising to see them struggle for a little bit until they regain their footing.


Improvement is the name of the game for Splyce


The young squad has had a rough Spring Split so far. The expectations for them were high because they retained their roster from last year, but things didn’t go as expected. Perhaps the most bizarre thing about Splyce so far has been their lackluster synergy and communication. It could be that last year they played against teams that had weak communication and didn’t have the best of players so now that Europe has leveled up, we are seeing a decline in Splyce’s play. That being said they made a big step in the right direction in Week 5 after defeating Fnatic 2-1 and ROCCAT in a 2-0 sweep. While they still have to clean up their play and be more decisive in their in-game decision making, Splyce have shown that they are on the road towards improvement. By the end of the regular split, we might be looking at a team that has the chance to win their first LCS title.


The situation is looking hopeless for the bottom teams


So let’s just be honest, it would be a miracle of any of the four bottom teams manage to make it to playoffs. All of them lost their matches in Week 5 and not only that but they lost them in decisive 0-2 sweeps. It’s looking like the battle between these teams will be to grab the 4th place spot and avoid relegation. While for Origen it looks unlikely they will be able to beat any of the other teams, ROCCAT has a solid early game, and out of all four teams, they seem like the most likely to avoid relegation despite sitting in 5th place with 0 wins. That being said, the skill level between all of these teams is so low to the point where any team can win against the others. It’ll be interesting to see which two teams avoid relegations but right now it’s leaning towards ROCCAT and Vitality.


Fnatic looks very inconsistent


Despite an easy 2-0 victory over Origen, the former kings of Europe failed to defeat Splyce. Their main problem is that they are unable to keep their play at a consistent level. One game they are able to showcase good play and solid coordination, but the next game they just fall apart, and it doesn’t look too pretty. This is a weakness that Fnatic needs to shore up if they even want to place in the Top 4 when it’s playoffs time. Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen has been playing decently, but as we mentioned last week, it definitely doesn’t seem like he is the savior Fnatic needs. If the team is adamant in building a full European roster, then they need to use this to their advantage and fix their communication and in-game synergy.


Next week the EU LCS is on break due to IEM Katowice. The three EU teams attending the event have a lot to prove and a win at the event might be enough of a confidence boost for either of them. Meanwhile, the other EU teams need to use this time off to practice hard and fix their flaws, especially when it comes to the bottom tier teams.

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