2017 EU LCS Spring Split: Week 2 Round-Up


Coming into Week 2 of the EU LCS Spring Split, things haven’t changed too much. G2 Esports, Misfits, Unicorns of Love and H2K remain the top teams while the other six are still struggling to find their footing. Although there’s still uncertainties within the league, we’re starting to realize which teams are good and which ones aren’t.


The bottom teams don’t look good at all


It must be really hard to be a Vitality fan. On paper they should be at least a middle of the pack team, but as it stands, they are possibly the second worst team in the league behind Origen. Their main problem is their inability to make any plays and be proactive. Excluding their series against Origen, Team Vitality lets every opponent they face bully them. The worst part about their losses is how they just bleed out and lose slowly. Vitality should definitely consider bringing in GBM and trying to play with him. If he is able to make the team more proactive, maybe then they can get some wins under their belt.

Origen and Roccat have the same issues. Their early games are average to good, but the problem is that when it gets to mid-late game, they don’t really know how to play it out and end up getting destroyed. It’s clear that both squads are plagued by communication issues and lack of direction. This can be fixed if they are able to mold one of their players into a shotcaller and leader. A hard task indeed, but until it’s done we can expect both teams to continue losing and stay at the bottom of their group.


Middle of the pack teams are intriguing


Fnatic was able to pick up their first series win against Giants, but it wasn’t really that clean. Both teams looked close to each other in terms of power, and either of them could have won the match. This is very interesting because Fnatic was expected to be a strong team by a lot of analysts and players, however they’ve had a rocky start. Their future is uncertain, but it’s going to be fun to see how they progress moving forward. In a similar fashion, Splyce also got their first win, and although they looked good, it’s hard to say that meant a lot. The reason being that their victory was against the struggling Vitality. As stated by their jungler Jonas “Trashy” Andersen, we won’t know how good Splyce is at the moment until we see them face off against the top teams.


The top is unpredictable


We had two awesome matches between top teams during Week 2. G2 faced off against Misfits in a thrilling series that went to three games. G2 was able to pick up the win and remain in first place, but it was definitely close. In Group B H2K facing off against the Unicorns of Love was also a close encounter that could have gone either way. Unicorns of Love won, but it’s clear both them, and H2K have weaknesses they need to focus on. The Unicorns’ drafts are questionable at times, and their laning isn’t always at a high level. As for H2K, they still have to work on their teamwork and synergy with each other. Even in Group A Misfits and G2 aren’t without any shortcomings of their own. Misfits is plagued with questionable mid to late game. As for G2 they still need more time to refine themselves and be more consistent with their play. Often times you’ll see them have an off game where they just don’t play at the level we’re used to seeing from them. This is an issue that needs to get solved because if G2 wants to go to MSI or Worlds and make up for their failures in the past, they have to play at a consistent level.

With each team showing potential weaknesses, the top of the crop in the EU LCS will be hard to predict. It’s clear that some teams are a tier above the others, but predicting if H2K will beat G2 or if Misfits will beat Unicorns of Love is not a safe bet to make. On paper it does look like Unicorns of Love and G2 Esports are the cleanest teams, but even they show sloppy play from time to time. We may be in for a split where trying to guess the eventual winner will be a very hard task.


Europe values Ivern more than other regions



While other league like the NA LCS or LCK don’t rely on Ivern, Europe has shown us that they think highly of Ivern. That brings up the question of why other regions don’t seem to like him too much. There are a few reasons for that. First of all, the champion is lackluster when playing from behind. If an Ivern has to play from behind for one reason or another, he’s basically dead weight for the team until much later into the game when item or level discrepancies aren’t so significant. The second reason why the champ can be troublesome is because he’s not good into any team comp. Unlike champions like Rek’Sai or Lee Sin, you can’t put Ivern into any team comp and expect him to work. A team composition has to be properly made around the fact that they will have a heavily supportive jungler throughout the entire game. These two factors make Ivern a less than ideal pick and it’s no surprise other regions are hesitant to use him. Despite all of that, the EU LCS teams have utilized Ivern quite well and there’s definitely a lot of potential in the champion if used properly. It will be interesting to see how the EU teams use Ivern against other regions with different metas of their own.

Week 2 of the EU LCS was enjoyable and it had a lot of hyped up matches that delivered. Going into Week 3, we should pay attention to all teams because with the way things are heading, unless you are Origen or Vitality, it’s highly possible that we’ll see a lot of shake-ups in each group.


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