2017 EU LCS Spring Split: Week 10 Round-Up

The 2017 EU LCS Spring Split Regular Season is in the books and it was an exciting one down to the very last game! With a lot of cheese picks, pride and playoff implications on the line, Europe delivered and we got to see some great League of Legends content. Here are the takeaways from the final week of regular season play!


Unicorns of Love finish strong


Despite a midseason slump the Unicorns have recovered nicely since then and managed to finish of their split strong. Not only did they take down a rising Splyce team but they also secured 1st place in Group B. While G2 Esports are still the favorites to win the split, the time of the Unicorns may very well be approaching and it’s not too far fetched to say that they have what it takes to upset G2 and win the split. We shall see how it goes for them but there’s no denying that they are on an upwards trajectory and are an exciting team to watch heading into the playoffs!


Origen’s misery is over


Or so we think. Because after their loss to H2K Gaming, not only did they become the achieve the worst possible performance in EU LCS history by going 0-13 in series wins and 2-26 in match wins, they also still have the promotion tournament ahead of them. Their suffering in the regular season may be over but they could very well have to suffer through the Challenger Series because they certainly aren’t the favorites heading into their match against Misfits Academy.


ROCCAT did it! They did it!


From having no wins under their belt, ROCCAT went from being 0-7 to winning 6 series in a row and turning their season around entirely. What a pleasure it has been watching the growth of this team. Normally a win over a weak team like Origen would not inspire you too much. But the ROCCAT squad embraced the win and made the most out of it, realizing that they can win games if they play well enough. They rode the momentum and went on to win all of their remaining series of the season. This includes their Week 10 over the undefeated G2 Esports. It’s fitting that ROCCAT are the team to end G2’s streak because their streak started off with a victory over ROCCAT last year. Things have come full circle for ROCCAT and despite missing out on playoffs, if they are able to keep their roster intact and continue improving and getting better, the EU LCS will gain one more strong team in the next split.


Fnatic did it as well


On the other side of the spectrum, ROCCAT was unable to qualify for playoffs because despite the odds being against them, Fnatic managed to pull off a win against Misfits and barely qualified for the playoffs. It definitely wasn’t an easy win for them and they had to dig deep for it however a win is a win. Fnatic’s problems are not over though. They need to address every single mistake they have made up until this point and fix it because in the playoffs they won’t go far if they are unable to learn. Still though, they showed a lot of promising play against Misfits and looked confident in themselves. This is great to see and if they are able to keep playing at that level, we will have very competitive playoff matches to look forward to.


Is pressure G2’s weakness?


As we have seen in the past as well as in their series against ROCCAT, it seems as though G2 succumbs to pressure sometimes. With the possibility of ending their regular season undefeated, G2 played a little bit worse than their usual level against ROCCAT and showed us that it’s possible they crack under pressure. This is not to take away from ROCCAT’s victory of course but it was clear that G2 were not on the same level they are usually on in that series. Could it be that they choke when there’s a lot on the line? Or is it lack of preparation and commitment? Whatever the case may be the kings of Europe need to look at this issues and fix it because if they win the split and go to MSI, the teams there won’t show them any mercy if they fall prey to the pressure or don’t prepare well enough.


It was certainly a split full of drama and exciting matches. Although the new Group format for Europe is a little questionable with quite a lot of fans voicing their dislike for it, the competition in Europe continues to grow with more top teams emerging within the League. We look forward to the playoffs and we hope you do as well!

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