2016 Worlds, Group C – The Battle for Second


Perhaps the most obvious and straightforward, Group C is basically a showdown between Ahq e-Sports Club and H2k-Gaming for second place. With EDG being heavy favorite for first place and INTZ expected to finish fourth, there’s not a lot of excitement for Group C. Surprisingly though, there’s some interesting stories between these teams.

EDG and H2k are set to have a rematch as both teams were placed in Group C of last year’s Worlds. While EDG was able to take two wins off of the European squad, H2k comes into this Worlds with three new players. For Forgiven, Jankos and Vander this is going to be their first Worlds so they will definitely be super hungry to prove themselves. Freeze will also be joining H2k as a substitute and while he is unlikely to play, this makes H2k slightly more flexible.


Last time these two teams faced each other, H2k was clearly outclassed in every position except top lane and arguably mid lane. This time around, while H2k can still rival EDG’s solo lanes, their jungler and bottom lane also has what it takes to keep up with their counterparts. This makes the match-up very interesting and exciting. While ClearLove is hyped up as the best jungler heading into Worlds, one of the main complaints towards him is how his jungle pathing is somewhat predictable. ClearLove often ganks for his bottom lane and while EDG’s bottom lane is arguably the best in the world, this can be exploited by the best teams. Jankos isn’t as predictable with his ganks and his title of “First Blood God” isn’t just for show. If the H2k jungler is able to outsmart ClearLove and the team itself is able to exploit this weakness of his, H2k has the potential to upset EDG.
Another match-up worth nothing is EDG facing off against Ahq. These teams have been scrim partners for a while and the matches between them are sure to be interesting as both teams know each other well. However, Ahq is definitely not going into Worlds as a favorite. In-fact, they are being placed at the bottom of most power rankings due to not looking good throughout the LMS Summer Split. Despite Ahq not being in great form, both teams’ experience when facing off against each other is sure to make for some interesting games between them.

The biggest underdogs in this group are definitely INTZ. While they do have some talented players, INTZ’s lack of international experience as well as their status as a wildcard team is sure to hurt them. That being said, INTZ actually does have a chance of doing well in this group. If Ahq perform poorly as analysts expect them to and H2k suffers a collapse, INTZ has the potential to be the first wildcard team to make it out of groups. While it’s unlikely to happen, the chance is definitely there.

The battle between Ahq and H2k is expected to be the most important showdown in Group C. LMS teams are known for performing better at international events in recent times. Ahq are no slouches and they should not be underestimated even if they don’t look that strong. Considering the players on H2k are heavily influenced by confidence, if they underestimate Ahq and end up losing to them, that could heavily hurt their team morale.

H2k is quite good at team fighting and skirmishing. In a standard lane meta, they are expected to perform well. Player for player, they outclass Ahq in most positions. With the exception of Ziv who is likely to go even or maybe get ahead of Odoamne, the rest of H2k’s players outclass their counterparts in standard lanes. If Ahq is unable to keep up with them and go into the mid game with a deficit, H2k is definitely expected to win the match-up. But if Ahq is able to keep it even, their experience and ability to show up when it matters can lead them towards victory.
Group C is probably the least exciting group along with Group A but that does not make it boring. There are bound to be some interesting games and until the games are played, nothing is set in stone and anything can happen.

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